Bat bite medical assistance Sosua

A large bat flew in our house and landed on the top of a door. I threw a tea towel over it and  I was taking it outside when it bit me through the towel.  Any advise. It flew away when I dropped the towel. I live in Sosua. Any assistance appreciated

If it punctured skin, please go to the doctor or an urgent care/emergency room. Bat's can carry some funky stuff.

Bats are nocturnal.
If it happened during daylight, that is one sick bat.

Cant emphazize the above posts enough. Wash the bite thoroughly and see a medic as quick as you can. They carry viruses and have been reported to transmit rabies in DR.

As above get medical care. And please. Let us know how you are.

Rabies can lie dormant for many years before activating, you need treatment right away.  Even if you feel fine now, treatment is critical for your future health.

Rabies is the primary threat. You'll need to do blood work.....

yes be safe and keep us posted.

According to medico was actual a claw that did damage not a bite. Antibiotics and tetanus. We’ll see

Or did at least take a blood sample and test for rabies? And now it's hard to test for rabies without the actual bat but they can still take precautions. Definitely not a fun treatment though

You can't test for rabies in a living being, you need to examine the brain tissue.  But rabies can spread from a scratch as well, and it is carried in the saliva, bats eat with their claws, so it makes sense the claw came in contact with its' saliva and could potentially infect you through a scratch.  With a 99.9% mortality rate, this is something to get treatment for, now, before developing symptoms.

well we should have a positive side to every mishap in life and on that note if you happen to wake up with a long cape and a mask on and you see Robin beside you consider yourself the luckiest man in the world lol Its funny you should mention that here at casalinda I seen a lot of bats swooping for bugs

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