Starting a business in USA

Hello people! I am 35 years old and for several years I have been thinking about going to the US and starting my business. But like all Argentines there are the fears of going with all the savings of your life and not achieving anything. My dream is to live there and be able to have my own business. I love to cook and would like to have my argentine grill. Any information that you can provide me starting from scratch, I will thank you very much! Greetings to all !!!!

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I invite you to check this article that has been updated this year : … e-usa.html

Hopefully it will help you.

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Thanks, Priscilla! Your article is very comprehensive, but at the same time it is  as simple and as clear. Very useful
By the way, do you know which way is better to register LLC: maybe it is easier to use some online services? 
I am going to move to North Carolina and want to start my small business (bakery) so I searched web and found option to do that by using online services [link moderated]. I wonder if I open a company in NC - will I be able to apply for L-1A visa then? 
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