I am french, 35 years old living at toyko. more or less fluent in english and japanese.
I arrived just before covid restriction, in february 2020.
Since that, I work a lot, spend lot of time with kids (and that is fine), but I want/need to have fun with friends.
I know good place to go, during the days (with or without family) AND during the night :)

My hobbies are very various : video game, alcool, travel, book, cook, chess, soccer, judo, boxe.


Hi bchetcuti,

Welcome to and thanks for this excellent presentation. :)

How can we help you?


Priscilla Team

Hi Priscillia

Thanks for your message.

i do not have specific request.
Simply looking for single person or family who would like to have some activity.
have a drink with adult on the evening, or some family picnic/game in some tokyo`s parc.



Let me know if you come around Osaka!
On prendra un verre qql part!
Take care!

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