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My wife and I are planning to buy a home here in central Portugal in the near future. We are interested in purchasing a new modular home and have looked at some very nice mod homes offered in Portugal by various companies.  We were wondering if anyone has purchased a new modular home here in Portugal, particularly within the last 3-4 years. We would be curious to know what your experience was, what you would recommend, what you would do differently. Were you able to get financing? How long did it take from start to finish before you were able to move in? Was your purchase a turn-key, 'ready to move in' construction, like we are planning for?
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Modular houses are becoming more and more an option because they cut down the construction time. The materials are good and durable and the costs are very controllable, if you know very well the whole project you want before the beginning of the work.

1. Here you have an article with contacts of 4 portuguese companies that work with modular houses. … -modelos-e

2. Pros and cons of this type of housing … -habitacao

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Thank you! I will contact the companies provided in the links.

The article under 2. is really interesting. I was completely unaware that in Portugal the modular houses have to be pre-paid. Has this always been the case?

Considering the current supply chain situation and with the high volatility in material prices there is a real danger that a fully paid house will never be completed, because it is simply not viable for the seller/company.

It seems so, I didn't realise about this prepayment. I don't know if it's like this in other countries. If anyone has this information, please share it with us.

For Germany I found out that a complete prepayment for any type of house isn't done. I immediatey found one company that only requires payment at handover when construction is completed and keys are handed over to the buyer. That is probably the exception as well. The nomal would be a payment plan along progress milestones.

It would be interesting to know how this is in other EU countries.

If you're looking for higher quality design, check out Mima Housing.

Mima Housing on Instagram? Curious here

I have no problem making progress payments for something but would never pay in full for something up front no matter what kind of reviews a company has.  This is just not good business and pretty risky. 

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