Guatemalan customs tax

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Can you tell me, please, the amount of Guatemalan customs tax on
- books ?
- a laptop ?

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Laptop s are difficult! High tax and prohibition on batteries! Go figure!

If you bring the laptop with you there will be no taxes


When you import a product into Guatemala, how much tax and duty do you pay : 25 ? 50 % ? 75 % ? 100 % ? ... of the value of the imported product ?

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I am a Frenchman whose project is to create an organic farm in Guatemala.

In order to calculate the budget for my trip to Guatemala and to know if I need to bring all the necessary technologies to Guatemala to find the agricultural land I am looking for in Guatemala, can you please tell me the amount of taxes and customs duties that you pay, on average, when you import a product into Guatemala : 25 % ? 50 % ? 75 % ? 100 % ? ... of its value ?

I ask you this question because
- in all countries of the world, the customs tariffs are incomprehensible for a person who is not a customs official or a customs broker ;
- I know many countries (for example Nicaragua, Paraguay, Bolivia,...) where the amount of taxes and customs duties that importers pay is much higher than their official amount. Consequence : The only foreigners that these countries attract are tourists or retirees or rentiers or people who work on the internet.

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Hi Etienne,

You'd be surprised what kind of technology is already here. If you want to add me to What's App: +502 4212-1124 I'd be glad to connect you to some friends who have better contacts than I do for some of the things you might need.

As for importing, if you are doing any kind of volume, get a broker. I've used a company called Tacsa, they have an estimator (for import from US) but shows the duties for different categories. Most seem to be 10 or 15%, some are 5% and some are 0%. the url is:
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This website confirms the information you just gave us.

"Guatemala requires licenses for the importation of restricted goods, including pharmaceuticals, basic food grains, milk, coffee beans, and armaments. As a member of the CACM, Guatemala adheres to a common tariff classification system as well as a common customs code and regulations. Duties are stated as both specific and ad valorem. Import duties are generally minimal, ranging from 0–15%. Imports of agricultural products that exceed the quota have higher rates. Textile tariffs and shoe tariffs are scheduled to be reduced considerably by 2005. There is also a 10% value-added tax (VAT)."


Thank you Geekscum.

Guatemala Customs charges 12% GST on all imports based on an invoice that must match the type of item you are importing, even for personal use.

This page describes rates and the process.

Customs charges 12% as vat separately are the custom taxes that varies according the product some have 0% importation taxes. like the computers..