Red light crossing

Hi today at ghubra signal while was taking u turn didn't realise it already turned red after the blinks. But as soon I realised and put brakes I have halted on the zebra crossing, could not go back beyond the white line as there were cars behind. I could not see any flash. I don't have any fines for overspeeding until now. I am concerned if I am liable to pay for the violation.

If there is no flash means no fine , even though check after 1 week  to reconfirm . i think you have  not fully crossed the red light to get flash.

Thank you :)

Hi today Ghubra signal while was taking u turnWhile taiking uturn from  cobra signal suddenly,Red signal showed followed by the flash light.At that time my car reached centre.2 cars also there in my back.
First time it is happening from my side.I don't know the formalities behind this.
How much penalty will be charged
Did they put in prison?

I had the same issue 4 days ago same traffic point, also looking for an answer..

Download the ROP (Royal Omani Police) app. You can search traffic violations via resident number (from your ID) or, I think, by license plate.

@Pfratio same happened with me today,My fromt wheels passed the lines and camera flashed twice..
What is the penalty for it :(

@charbelmachaalany2021 can you tell what happend after that..cause same happend with me tiday


Hi can you please tell what happened what was the penalty
Iam beginner of oman i got licence before one week. Yesterday darsait red signal over crossed. What's after effect of my new licence

@muhammedshanid245 hi can you please tell what was the fine?!

@muhammedshanid245 it would be 50 riyal fine with warning. Ensure that you wont repeat this again, next time you may need to visit the jail along with fine. So, please be careful next time.


I am beginner of oman i got  my license 1 month ago. Yesterday  I got confuse on ghubra signal in Nov 18 st. I though it was a free right .then its too Iate when I see there is    red signal..i cross the red signal but I didnt see any radar flash.. Maybe, I'm not sure.. Any effect in my 12 months probationary driver license?

Assalamu alaikum please I want ask something did know how to drive a car but I need to be driver in Oman can they teach me how to drive


I am also taking the signal for the first time, the fine is coming, will I be jailed?

Please tell me😥

@Pfratio and update, did you receive fine

@J0shingAr0und  for red signal it won't show in website or app . Should go to Rop and check