Looking for information on life in Sao Tome and Principe


I have been offered a position in Sao Tome that I intedn to accept. I would like to enquire about the housing market, the banking system, modes of transportation, the cost of living and safety.

Thank you in advance for any info.

Hi, if you need any information about Saotome,  you can get in touch with me privately or here. Meantime,  Saotome is very nice and quiet place to live.  Life is not to expensive and people most of very friendly.

good morning everyone im looking to move to sao tome end of september will be looking to rent a t1 apt long term can anyone help regards dave

@rickcamargo92 Hi.  I am trying to find out what the visa situation is in Sao Tome.  Internet info is conflicting.  I would like to stay long term and have my own income from England.  Maybe buy a house. I realise that foreigners can't buy land.  At the moment I am looking for a flight from Europe where I am at the moment but most of them are for 30 to 50 hours, not sure why.  If the living situation is Ok and I can get a visa very long term, my family would want to join me.  We are not expecting luxury.  Thank you.

@davecroker   Hi. I wondered if you made it to Sao Tome.  I am also looking to move to Sao Tome but I am not sure about the visa situation.  I would want to rent and in the future buy a house.  The visa information on the internet is conflicting, so I wondered if you managed to get their.  Thank you.


Hi, I will like to know more about Sao Tome and business opportunities available to explore. My email is: *** and my number is ***.I will be waiting to hear from you

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