Looking for land or house to buy in sao tome e principe

Im looking for land or a house to buy in sao tome e principe.

if you have any drop me a private message, thanks

Me my wife and a friend or two are interested in coming to Sao Tome to buy land. We are hoping the land could be commercial, residential and agricultural. We would like to set up simple vacation bungalows in which we would live and we would also like to grow some food crops and fruit trees. We were interested in general prices and paperwork for about 1-5 acres, also interested in fresh water/well availability. We are two-three Americans and one mainland chinese. We have three English speakers, two Spanish speakers, two Cantonese chinese speakers, one Mandarin Chinese speaker and two very basic Portuguese speakers amongst the three of us. Please provide and info or links to real estate agents. Thank you

Hi! How are you?
Did you find a nice place? We are very interested in the same things and move someday to Sao Tome.

Peckos from Finland

Hi, I am looking for something similar.
I speak portuguese if necessary

Oi estou procurando uma terra em STomé cerca duma Rosa.
Quero saber cuales sao os preços de hoje em dia por m² por favor.


S. Tomé é tela non !

what size  where  part of saotome  south north   what type of house  luxury house o a simple

I Know  have  10 000 square meter  with  big house swimming pool 15 meters x 6 meter a nice place for livin its a very quite and peaceful  place
its a northern part  from the city its only 15 minutes drive from the city  price is negociable 

best regard.

yes we have   two  huose for sale , one is  1 hectare  (10 000 ) square meter
with a big huose  and swimming pool   the huose is soruonde in concrete hollow blocks  in two meters high
the place is very face ful , the price must be confidential or n private message

B  yes we have a 5 hectraes of total area of land its a luxury house there is helcopter pad and bridge  for the jetty
in cluding  Jackuzzi . swimming pool .and big laggon / lake man made  i have a photo
the price is confidential for private message
best regard

Hello everyone,

I would suggest that you drop an ad in the housing section for your searches and proposals since the forum is not the allocated space given to promote this type of exchanges ( Expat.com is not a real estate website ! )

Kindly refer to the link below and do the necessary there  :

Housing in Sao Tome and Principe

Just choose the correct category for the accommodation ( house or flat )

Best regards,

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