5 good reasons for living in Sao Tome and Principe


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Sao Tome and Principe, what would be your top 5?

Thanks in advance for participating,


Hi Julian
Sao Tome & Principe is as close to heaven as can be!
The nature around these Islands is stunning!
I really think that the Islands need trade!
The airports must be upgraded to handle the international traffic and be a safe haven for people working in West Africa
Industries will rebuild the economy!
I did a Economical study there a couple of years ago! The potential is unmeasured ,even if there is so many poor people! They are the ones that will benefit from trade and industries!
I am a Project Manager and at this stage I will leave everything and be a Bar tender, to have the quality of live!
Tinus Briers


I worked at the Sao Tome Transmitting Station as one of the American Supervisors (second in charge) for thee years and I personally would like to see an African American presence there.