UAE Medical fitness certificate status

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I m living here in sharjah for the last 8 years (since 2015) .. I got a new job in dubai and my new visa was in process. I went for the medical to al nahda but results were Follow up in process.. and I was told to go to Muhaisnah medical center.. they did my blood test and it came with a letter mentioning aids ... I m so worried.. its showing Follow up with Muhaisnah medical center. What will happen next?
-@Muhammad Tahir43

What do you mean?

Are you HIV positive or not?

If positive, forget about the UAE and indeed any other GCC country.   You will never get a work visa.

If negative, go for follow up without worry.

Please guide me . The person who had scar of the lungs got visa for only 1 year we talked to the agency but they don't have a proper answer. If anyone els had face the same issue here ? Please guide me what to do with this because paid almost 10000 for the 2 years visa. Is there anything we can do for this.
-@Mel Nick

Absolutely nothing.  Keep going for follow up as advised by medical center.  Be thankful that they gave you a conditional visa.  Before the laws changed for old visa holders, you would have been deported.

@XTang thanks will update here if I get any response.

I did my visa medicals and got a text saying 'screening results are complete, please proceed to the General directorate of residency and foreign affairs' but two months after that, I'm yet to receive my emirate ID. What could be wrong?

Hi Everyone,

Trying to make things a bit clearer here as I got confused with the multitude of messages.

Regarding the text message received "Screening results are complete, please proceed to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs" - it means the results are OK and nothing is wrong. You can now proceed with the following steps for issuing the visa (whatever those are).

How do I know this? Simply call 800727336, give them your details and they will tell you exact the same things.

In case the test has BAD/UNFIT results, they will call you for a re-test or smth similar.

Hope is clear for everybody!

Cheers and good luck to all!


hello i am also getting the same update is my health passed

little tensed please let me kno

I have answered this repeatedly.  Just read above and don't repeat the question again and again just because you are anxious.