International english schools in addis


Can anybody advice regarding international english schools in addis? we are planning to move soon and I have two kids (3 and 7 years) and I wonder regarding the education level there.

I have no clue regarding the life style in Ethiopia and would appreciate to get an advice


Hey madam, I am amember of st mattew angelican church in addis and i know there is nice internation school called bekingham or some thing like that. may be i will ask them soon and will tell u.

Hi Ethioboy123,

It is Bingham, but I didn't find any vacant places for my kids there, as we are a little bit late in applying.

Bingham closed its registration by 28th of February. Try Sandford International School or British International School.

Thanks Virgoboy, But I have tried Sandford as well and didn't find vacant places for Year 2 (my elder son. Bingham and Sandford were my first option as I need native speaking teachers.

I really feel disappointed as I didn't find places in these schools and academic year is about to start.

How about British International School? Have you considered that?

Yes dear but it is my last option as they don't have native speaking teachers.

Are you aware of the level and quality of education at BIS?

Well, honestly I don't really know the quality of BIS since I am new in Addis. But, perhaps, other members can give their opinion? I will also treat it as the last resort. Just in case everything else fails.

In the meantime, I heard about Greek School, which is supposedly good too. But, again, I really don't have a complete information about the quality of the school. I will appreciate if someone can share their experience about the school.

Actually, I am only looking for International English schools (British or American) and I hope to get an advice for options available.

If I am not mistaken, Greek School is also English speaking international school. It is just the name, which is Greek. Perhaps, other members can also share their information or eperience.

Thanks virgoboy, I will check and let you know if I reach something


1- Andinet International School
2- Bingham Academy
3- British International School
4- Greek Community School
5- International Community School
6- Nejashi Ethio-Turkish Schools
7- One Planet International School
8- Sandford International School
9- School of Nations
10- School of Tomorrow

Thanks for the list of the international schools, Sousoudodi. Too bad, I cannot find the website of Greek Community School's. I would like to know about their tuition fees, etc.

I am sorry about Bingham it is where our kids go and truly is a wonderful school. We know families at ICS and their experiences have been very positive as well. I do not know about Greek or BSI.

Does anyone in this forum know about Greek Community School? Is there a website of the school's we can check out?

Thanks nech habesha for the information but if we miss the academic year application time what shall we do, so either we will search for another school or our children shall miss one year besides the number of international schools are very limited

Here's what I could find about Greek School online:

Greek Community School
Tel. +251 (0)11 5515870

Thank you AbbyToronto for the information about Greek School's phone number and email address. In addition to that information, I have found the school's website, which is Unfortunatelly, last time I tried, the website was not functioning.

I am wondering if any of forum members has a child or children going to Greek Community School. I would like to hear their experiences.

Yea me too I have tried this e-mail many times but it is not working even the phone numbers are not connecting either. I wonder if someone can help regarding this.

Hi all,

This is the latest information I got about BIS (British International School) from the BIS Director and sorry for any other related information which didn't reflect the exact details:

The fact is that BIS employs more than 12 expatriate staff with international experience whose mother tongue is English, in addition to 58 well qualified local staff, some with international experience.

Over 50% are studying for British qualifications as part of the continuous development programme.

The curriculum is the British National Curriculum, Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.

The School is available in Bole Area and you can directly contact the Director (who is English Native Speaking)for more details.

Hope this helps,,,,

The only international English school in Addis that I know of is Stanford. By English, meaning offers English qualifications (although its currently being run by an american I know it has some British teaching staff).

What I've heard about it though doesn't make it stand out, except the size of its' fees.

Several in the list of schools provided in an earlier post are not international school but they are private schools that teach in English, like the School of Tomorrow - although the SOT schools teach in English they don't have native English speakers teaching.

I run a scholarship programme in Addis, I did some research back in September about elementary schools across the city. I have a list of all the schools and their phone numbers - it's not in a very accessible format but if you give my your email address I can forward it on to you.

hope this helps.

Hello Boolander.

Thank you for the update.

PS: Just to note that this thread is dated 2011. ;)


Look here:

I thought about to work there as a volunteer but changed my plans. At least the website should work. the school is situated near Bole airport.


Does anybody have any information on education for adults, who did not finish their secondary or high school education in Ethiopia?

Specifically somewhere in Addis Ababa?

Hello Boolander! It would be very nice of you. denisovsb[at] Thank you!

Hi Dear

How do you know you have clue about Ethiopia?

Hi Boolander,

Could you also send me the research document you talked about primary schools? I am also looking to send my first born to school and it would help me chose the right school.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Well there are a lot of schools in Addis Ababa private and public
The public schools are crowded and doesn't have foreign children,the payment is very low though the learning academy isn't good either,
The private schools are very good but many of them are scams they don't provide good examples,many children in private schools in Ethiopia are spoiled and are in to alcohols and drugs so you have to be really picky in terms of choosing for your children,there are good private schools they mostly have many foreign kids and there academy and learning is amazing they have many programs,
So in my opinion private schools are good I would recommend schools like Stanford,Adiss international school,and especially ics
Good luck

Hello Brooke13,

Welcome to and thanks for your contribution. :)

Kindly note that the the origin of the thread is dated 2011.

All the best,
Olivier Team

Hello.  Would you be able to send me the Primary School information as my daughter and her daughters are moving there soon.  We are looking for a quality learning program that encourages thinking.  At the moment she is considering Sandford or ICS.  Is there much difference?
Regards Suzanne

I am looking  for a good school with English as the medium of instruction and an emphasis on overall development for my 3 year old in Addis Ababa.We will land somewhere in middle of September.I have looked at the websites of Bingham…,BIS,ICS and some others,and I feel as good as they are I shall not be able to afford the fees.Also probably the admission in formal school happens for 4 plus kids. Are there any other suggestions?Have not been able to get a clue on the tuition fees of the Greek school?Even its location or any other derails.How is the Indian school there?,someone told me there is one...again could not get any info on the school online.Any help  shall be greatly appreciated. I checked up a few playschools also and again some of the best reviewed are exorbitantly priced.I am an Indian however my child is an American citizen so I am looking for good quality of education that helps me adapt in a multicultural and multilinguistic environment.Please help.Thanks.

Flipper is a good an rising school.

I can reccomend flipper. I know some teachers from netherland and britian who teach there and i understood it is good school

There is also Young Roots in the Bole subcity of Summit


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You posted years ago, so I'm not sure you will get this.  I am interested in getting your list of international schools if you still have it. 

I am also looking for a host family who would be willing to take in an Ethiopian child for six months to a year, so that she can study in Addis Ababa.  I am from the USA and I am trying to help a 10 year old little Ethiopian girl from the Omo Valley get an education. I will pay all of her expenses plus room and board. The goal is for her to speak a English well enough to come to the United States to study. She is an intelligent and well mannered child.  She has no opportunities where she is from and I feel compelled to help her.  Thank you! Victoria

hi there, here is a website for Greek Community school
hope it helps.

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