Covering Pre-existing Conditions

I am reading ambiguous information about private health insurers covering people with pre-existing health conditions. Please anyone with confirmed information report if you know individuals with pre-existing conditions and the outcome either:
1) denied,
2) accepted,
3) acepted with exception or
4) accepted with higher premiums.

This is for American citicen (non EU and non UK) Please give us an idea on the conditions names and premiums if possible. Thank you.

@adamsmit Did you ever get a response? My husband and I are being treated for high blood pressure and need to know if that would exclude us from getting health insurance in Spain 

I recently shopped for and then purchased health insurance in Spain, suitable for residency requirements. I've come across many posts around the internet asking for information about whether you can get coverage for pre-existing conditions, but that question can't be answered on a forum. There are too many details that the insurance companies take into consideration - age of person, specific pre-existing condition, how long the condition has been there, other health issues, etc.

I have a pre-existing condition and found it easy to find out if it would be covered by asking the companies directly. You can fill out the application form without any obligation to buy. They will come back with a quote and an explanation of what would and would not be covered. Again, no obligation or pressure to buy. This way you can get a clear idea of your personal situation, as well as a specific idea of the cost.

Some of the large companies, like Sanitas and Asisa, have online applications in English if you prefer it. After you submit the form, someone will reach out to you in English. Alternatively, you can work directly with an English-speaking agent of your choosing who will walk you through the process at no cost to you, and the quote will be the same regardless of the help. The agents work for one company, so to get several quotes, you can work with several agents. I did this with two companies, and it was a very pleasant procedure. Also, once you buy a policy, that agent can be your point of contact for any future questions about the policy. You can find an agent in your area of Spain by doing a google search.

In my case each of the three companies I applied to agreed to cover me, but not my pre-existing condition (joint implants). I asked the agents if this would be a problem for residency and was assured that no - all they want for residency is proof of insurance, and exclusions are not listed on that certificate. I chose the company with the most doctors in my area.

If you have an exclusion you'll need to decide if you can afford any costs arising from it on your own. Also, when applying for a policy, make sure you choose one that specifically states that it is acceptable for residency applications. These are more expensive and have no copays. But if you're from the USA, like me, you'll find them reasonable.

I hope this is helpful!
Great info, thanks so much Al SAmD!

Can I ask what your monthly premium is, and which insurer you ended up with?
I also have a joint replacement, and I know it'll be an exclusion.

Monthly, my premium comes out to about 96 euros, and I'm in my 60's. The three companies gave quotes that were only a few euros different. I went with Cosalud (Catalana Occidente) due to some small services near my location since the price was practically the same for all, but haven't had the need to use them. And honestly, all the private insurance companies around here seem to use mostly the same clinics, hospitals, and doctors. Good luck!