Expatriate Holidays in Colombia

Hello everyone,

You might be getting more and more eager for vacation, whether in Colombia, or elsewhere.
It's the perfect time to rest and rebuild your strength, or on the contrary, spend some energy doing things you love, while taking the time to enjoy your loved ones!

With the turmoil of the last few months, the next holidays will feel extra special this year, that's why we would like to know a little about your plans.

Do you have any plans for this year's holidays?

Do you have some visibility on the borders opening of your host country?

Will you stay in Colombia or go abroad?

If you stay in Colombia, what would you like to visit there? If you go abroad, where will you go?

Finally, what made you decide to go? If not, where else would you go?

Thanking you in advance for your contribution!
Have a nice day,

Expat.com Team

Hi Loïc, will be spending some time in the Pingzhen district of Taoyuan city
Taiwan .  About a 40 minutes train ride west of Taipei. We have been there before and really enjoyed the place, the food and the gentle happy  people. I especially look forward to the fresh cooked soup and a bag of dumpling in the morning for less than 2.00 usd. They are to die for.

Loïc :

Do you have some visibility on the borders opening of your host country?

Will you stay in Colombia or go abroad?...
If you go abroad, where will you go?

Various news organizations and travel sites reported in late May (2020) that Colombia was closing its borders and airports to international travelers through August 31st.  Exceptions apparently include returning Colombian citizens, diplomats, returning Expats who already have residency and others with special circumstances (kayak.com).

I can find no online reporting that the travel restrictions have been lifted effective before September 1st.  Sites I visited online include Kayak, Bloomberg and Colombia Reports.  The Kayak site was updated today, June 23, according to what is posted there.

Only cargo flights and humanitarian flights -- mainly to repatriate citizens and visa-appropriate Expats -- have been flying into Colombia since March, according to www.colombiareports.com ....

Argentina and Colombia are reported by some news websites as having the toughest travel restrictions in South America.

Apparently, it has been working for Colombia as its covid-cases rate per capita has been lower than in neighbors Ecuador and Peru. However, in an article updated today titled "Virus Gains Steam Across Latin America," the online New York Times reports that covid may be starting to surge in Colombia.


The World Nomads site, updated yesterday 6/22/20, confirms that international travel restrictions are in place for Colombia through (at least) August 31st. 

The site says that inside Colombia .. travel restrictions/lockdowns/some cities' curfews are in place through June 30 .. and masks are required on public transit and in crowded places through June 30.


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