Cycling in BE, MTB/Road/families, it's a must

Belgium is absolutely a great place, a dream place to cycle. Mountain biking, or road biking, the best thing you can do is buying a bicycle when you get here. But, where to go? it's plenty of dream tours but it's not easy for an expat to find out (in dutch maybe) were locals, and super pro are going out.

That's why after many years, going out with some friends, I discovered - too late - a side of Belgium which is amazing. Now I decided to share everything I know and do, hopefully soon out of this corona19 lockdown, and want to link with many as possible to create a community of Bike in Belgium for Expats...


Help me, let me know here or everywhere else if you are interested to join, looking forward to a real community, maybe create a meetup group, organize events (I don't do it for money, I do have a good job like you all do guys).

Let's have fun this summer and discover Belgium on two wheels!!! it's worth trust me...


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If you want to discover another side of Belgium, you can use this website

Unfortunately it's only in French

french is fine... going!!!

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