COVID-19 and expatriation in Denmark

Hello everybody,

The COVID-19 crisis inevitably impacts Denmark, between closed airports or periods of containment in some cities or even the entire country .
We would like to hear from you during this unusual period, to find out what the consequences of this pandemic are on your expatriation or expatriation project in Denmark.

Does the current crisis call into question your long-term expatriation project?
If you are already settled in Denmark, do you plan to return to your home country?

How are you living through such an uncertain period, especially if you are far from your loved ones?

Have any of you ended your expatriation in Denmark unexpectedly?

Paradoxically, has this crisis brought you closer to some people?

What are your plans for the future?

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Hope you are doing well.


Hi everyone. I've been in Denmark for around 2 months. Im from the UK but spent 14 years in South africa ( lucky to not be under lockdown over there right now)
I came over to Denmark to see my brother who is married to a danish girl and lives in odense. I also have been working in the events hospitality industry for a danish company. Obviously this industry is on total lockdown at the moment so we have been confined to home for the time being. Could really do with a pint in the pub and watch the football game with more than a few people. But we understand the importance of social distancing at this time. I hope everyone a safe passage through this pandemic and we will hopefully come through this with a new respect for life. Be safe 👍🏻

Well, I am an Indian Expat living here for 2.5 years now and I am in kind of pickle....

I reside in CPH with my wife & 1 year old. They went to vacation to India in Jan. There was a bit of issue in SIRI side in sending son's resident card (he didnt have any before)....bla...bla...bla...long story short just before India took their call to stop all flights , we had sent our son's passport to Danish embassy in Delhi.

Then Denmark stopped their processing & Indian lockdown happened on March 22. Now his Passport is now stuck with embassy. With lockdown, there is no Courier service.

Now we are stuck. DK has to restart their embassy function, India has to enable Courier service, then restart the International flights...

I have been now in a 2.5 month "self isolation" from my wife and unable to see & experience  my son growing up...

Only positive thing is, all in family are safe as of now...

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