Hiring the services of a relocation company in Jutland?

Hello, my name is Sergio and I’m currently living in Portugal. My wife, our 3-year-old son, and I are planning to move to Jutland and setup a small family business as soon as the Covid situation here will allow it.

We have already visited Jutland three times over the past two years and, unless the house we have in mind is sold before we have a chance to visit and make a final decision, we will be moving to the Lunderskov area, near Kolding. The idea is to start a small vertical hydroponics business selling mostly to restaurants.

We have already been learning a tiny bit of Danish but will go into an intensive language course as soon as we move.

I have contacted some relocation firms working with expats in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, they do not provide services in Jutland.

My main questions are:
-    since we will be starting our own business could we still hire the services of a relocation company to help us with bureaucracy, and so on? Or, are those services reserved to people looking for a job?
-    Is anyone aware of such a company operating in Jutland? 

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Hi Sergio,

I guess that you are looking for help to cope with the necessary paperwork regarding your upstart firm. People who start up firms are called iværksættere. Iværksættere can get help of different kind.

As you mention Lunderskov (Kolding kommune/municipality) specifically, I take that Business Kolding is just what you are looking for.
https://www.businesskolding.dk/ivaerksa … aadgivning

Other relocation companies in Southern Jutland.

Good luck,

Vejle kommune (municipality) may also be a good place to start up.
https://www.vejle.dk/erhverv/startup/iv … workshops/

Kolding-Vejle-Fredericia are together called Trekantsområdet (the Triangle), centrally situated for companies. Therefore a little more international than most other places, and the area will be very business friendly.

Hej Nellie,

Yes, that's exactly what we were looking for :)

Mange tak.

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