Getting a line of credit in Denmark as a new expat.

Hi folks,

I have accepted a job with danske bank in cph. I start in 3 weeks. Moving from Geneva. I have a little issue. Due to other commitments I don’t have the cash to complete the move as I would like . As I need to pay a deposit for a new flat. In the next week or two.

Is there any service in Denmark that I could use to get a line of credit/ loan to help me with the deposit ?

I have my contract from the bank my salary is good. It’s an indefinite contract so I’ll be around for at least 3 years.
Any advice ?

My first thought: Why not ask the HR? They might give you an advance payment for the purpose, or they can tell you where to go.


Unfortunately this is not an option. And forms you think I could approach ?

Normally, bank employees have no problems borrowing in their own bank, and furthermore they get the loan at lower costs than we others.

And therefore another bank may wonder why you want to borrow from them instead of your own.

But take a look at my banker.


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