Indian Nationals can claim social security


I worked in Copenhagen, Denmark during Year 2010 -2011 for nearly 18 months, I paid my taxes during 2010 and 2011. Later I moved to India currently I am in Germany. In Germany I can claim my social security benefits once I move back to India (after 2 years), Would like to know can I claim my social security benefits from Denmark also. or Can I transfer my earlier benefits in Denmark to Germany?

Any leads would be appreciated

No you can’t.
Social Security “kontanthjælp”  can only be granted if you live in Denmark and have been living here the last 9 of 10 years.
Besides you need to be signed up as unemployed with the local jobcenter and you’ll need to take whatever job they tell you to take.


Actually ICK2018 has already answered you: No you can't.

To be precisely, social security is a wide term covering several benefits, but let me roughly describe the overall difference.

In Germany the benefits are based on an insurance system governed by the employer. Your pay to the insurance is pretty high. Besides that, you pay your tax.

In Denmark, you are covered by the public welfare system, even if you haven't an income. You don't need to have a personal insurance as in Germany.

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