x ray clear but I am not sure if they checked for scaring

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I have a job offer in Sharjah, I have completed my medical in the UK. All came back clear. But I have 1 reservation, My x ray came back negative for TB - which is great. But looking at the forum, it appear people have been deported due to old scars (TB or non TB related).

My doctor is unable to confirm if my hospital checked for scarring, and has told me its all clear. I am thinking to go to a private clinic here in the UK to have another x ray to be 100% sure. As I don't want to risk leaving my job in the UK and then be banned.

See below image of my x ray. those who had scars maybe able to tell me if this is the same case for me or not. I have no idea what a scar would look like. Also I am not sure if anyone is an expert in this filed on this forum.


Your help would be much appreciated.


i have had my results back, I have been informed there is no scaring from past TB. I had TB twice, 20 and 18 years ago. I did not feel ill at the time, but was checked because my borther was ill, so I guess they got it early before any damage could be done.

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Thank you Christine, I've handed in my notice and will be traveling next month.

Lots of great info on this forum. I've spent hours reading various post from banking to schools and places to visit.

Also lots of useful post from XTang. vary knowledgeable person.

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