British Foreign Office Advice

Hi there,

I am a journalist at Channel 5 News in the UK and I was wondering if there were any British people living in China who would like to speak to us about the Foreign Office now advising that all Britons leave China if possible.

We would be keen to Skype someone as soon as possible.

Look forward to hearing from you,


hey I"m in China, under locked down... internet is now crawling or completely dead. It took days just to be able to reply to you. I'm in Chengdu, all the international staff have left including the ones who were going to wait this out with me. Not in good spirits as flights are cancelled, postponed or crazy expensive. Doubt Skype will work due to internet being snail pace since last week (I’ve  2 laptops, 2 SMART phones and a tablet so I'm pretty sure the issue is not my end).

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