Anyone living in Zhejiang Province, near Yiwu / Jinhua / Hangzhou?


I'm from South Africa and will be leaving for Dongyang in Zhejiang Province in two weeks.  It would be great if I could meet new friends in my  new surroundings. :top:

Hello QS77,

Welcome to :D


Hi there,

I'll be coming down to Yiwu for a job in 2 weeks. Still around?

I am a Canadian living in Jinhua - is anyone still here?


Hi! My name is Deborah and I have been in Jinhua for 3 weeks; I work with 4 foreigners, but would love to meet other people  :) if you or anyone else here is interested, let's hang out.

Message me your Wechat

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Glad to see someone from South Africa on the blog. I'm going to Hangzhou end of August. Is there some way that we can communicate. Would like to get some advice as what to expect and what to pack and hear about your experience?

I'll be going to Jinhua City soon (once I get my working visa from the school).

I'll be moving to Jinhua as well, as soon as my work visa is processed, which will be the end of Sept./ early October.  I would love to meet some new people.

I am moving over from a neighboring city, in the next week would like to make some new  friends as well.

Am living in shaoxing is in zhejiang province,probably 30 to 40mins drive...i will like to befriend you...

Hi there !

As I know, Dongyang is quite close to Yiwu - if you do happen to drop in to Yiwu - would love to meet up and have coffee or drinks or even share a meal....

I'm from HK and speak some Chinese and have been living in Yiwu for around 1 month....its boring - all work and no fun...makes Jack a Dull boy - if you catch my drift

Hi ! I've been living in Yiwu for the past 4 weeks and its dreadfully boring ! Would love to meet new friends - but my work does not allow me the leverage of leaving the if you are in Yiwu - please PM me or call me on ***...would love to hang out...and just chill. Meeting new friends here besides the locals is extremely difficult. Everyone is so pre-occupied with their mobile phones & other gadgets.

i am here till 30 Sept and then back again after the national holidays

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I just relocated to shaoxing city in zhenjiang province.Am kind of bored here because i can't relate with the local because of language barrier.Any english speaking friends...please call or add me on wechat,whasup with this number:*** let get to know eachother...

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I will like to meet your acquaintance.I reside in zhejiang province too...inbox me when you arrive...cheers

How are you doing? Hope all well!

My name is Mohammed, I'm from India and living in Yiwu for past 4 years!

Hi Deborah, Message me your Wechat or whatsApp

Hi everybody, anyone from Wenzhou ou Lishui?

I live in Jinhua with my partner and would love to meet up with others who live in the area! We are from Canada and now that we have settled into work are looking to make new connections 😊

anyone coming to Qingdao ? I am living near to Qingdao airport, I would love to meet new people and  make connections. PM me when you are arriving Qingdao

:P wow i am here

Hi there,
I am new in Jinhua. I will be here for a year. I would like to meet people.
I speak Spanish and French but no Chinese.
My we chat is jhonyjaimes
Find me there.

Hi , are you still in jinhua ? Nice to meet you here

You guys still in Jinhua? :)

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