any expats in Ningbo?


I am moving soon to Ningbo,

and I am wondering is there any expat community,

or someone who can advise on basic things?

Thanks :)


I am an expat in Ningbo (Yinzhou district).  Glad to know someone else is coming this way as well.  I would like to meet you and assist in any way i can.  I look forward to hearing back from you. :)

Hi there :)

I'm moving to Ningbo in a month...

Let's have a drink or something :)


Hi Charlie!

Im moving to Ningbo in three months to work as an expat

Are you still there? Hows everything going, good choice?

Thanks ;)

Yes, there is a expat community called Ningbo Foreign Ladies Club.
They hold a luncheon every 2nd tuesday of the month,Mostly in Laowaitan.

i'm thinking of moving to Ningbo, how do you guys like it out there?  Ive been in Beijing for 6 years and am trying to learn more about Ningbo.  what's the lifestyle for foreigners and families?



I live in Cixi, north of Ningbo, love this side of China.

Hi Galy,

It might be kinda late to reply this. But I just moved to Ningbo from Shanghai and find the city quite boring. Are you still here? I'd love it if we could meet. I also live in Yinzhou.


Hi Meredith,
We also live in Yingzhou, my wife is home during the days.
if you are interested you 2 could get in contact with each other.


Yes I am an expat from India recently arrived and staying in Beilun,Ningbo.I am seeking friends expats or chinese who knows English.Pls mail me at :kumarbpillai[at]


I have just moved to Ningbo, if there are any expats that would like to meet up let me know.


Hello Paula as a fellow expat I would like to meet up. My email od0740[at] I can give you the contact details.

Hi! We are moving to ningbo this summer.. We have 2 school going kids.. Can anyone suggest a residential complex to live in Yingzhou district  where most expats reside? Thank you.

Hi Rina, hope you are doing well. Just wondering which school you send your children to as I am also at the stage to look for school for my 5.5yo son. There is an international school at City Centre(Hua Mao international school) but most of the comments from local parents are negative. Would be interested to find out which school you finally enrol your children to. Thanks for your reply in advance.

Hello All,

I am a bit late to join the conversation, but see there are a few Ningbo expats here who might be able to help!

I am moving to Ningbo in less than two weeks, and would like to know about living options in the center. I have a Chinese liaison who will be assisting me to find an apartment, though I have little context for understanding what type of places I should ask in advance to be shown. What is rental housing like in Ningbo? Any options aside from high-rises?

Thanks for any advice you can provide. Aside from that, I'm very social and would love to connect with other expats once I arrive! I speak fluent Spanish, lower-intermediate German, and beginning Portuguese.



My partner and I have just moved to Ningbo on a two year teaching contract. We would be keen to meet up with others forget some info on cool places to visit also western resturants/pubs. We love the outdoors, adventure and sport. Would love to hear from you.

Hello everyone,

It's wonderful to stumble upon this post and see that there are sociable expats living in Ningbo
. I'll attend uni in Ningbo starting next month and I would appreciate getting to know other fellow expats and have the opportunity to socialize.

Let me know!

I'm moving to Ningbo in Dec. to teach in the international section of a school. I'd love advice of all sorts before I go ...
(adaptors, vpn, challenges that you wish someone had told you about or that you could have avoided).

lots of people here

HI, We have been living in Ningbo for some time, well now we live in Yingzhou district (great area, more quiet than downtown). Loads of new places popping up, like Vietnamese food and other non-Chinese places. I would suggest you live somewhat close to your place of work, as transportation and traffic can be a bit busy now. Main place for entertainment is Lao Wai Tan, tons of pubs and restaurants there.  Just contact me for more info.

    Now that the metro runs to Beilun, maybe we can join your group. Do people bring their children?



[at] gringa.athena

Astril VPN is quite good to use in China.

Well, I am glad to have found this forum. I have been searching around for a while now without much success. I have too just (mean few days back) arrived in Ningbo and for some years to come I will be spending quite a lot of time in this city. I am not Chinese speaker, I have no clues about Ningbo and how things run here. Said that, if you guys can suggest some upcoming event where to meet people it would be really a wonderful information.

Good day to everybody,

Hi Everyone!

I am currently thinking about moving to Ningbo to teach English. I have lived in Toronto before, so I am no stranger to a city of this size. I am a bit apprehensive for 2 reasons. Number 1 I worry about not meeting other expats and 2 I am a very picky eater.

Are there any expat specific sports teams or clubs or any regular expat social events?

I would really love to meet new people.

Hi There,

There is a sizeable expat group in Ningbo, some meet on a regular basis. Also, some football (adults) and hockey (not sure if for adults) teams. Ningbo is small enough, and the expats mostly hang out in the sam area's, so running into other expats will not be an issue.

I used to live in Toronto for more than 10 years, great city, but very different from Ningbo, or China.
Have you lived in China before?
Being picky about food, this could be a problem at times, Chinese food is great but certainly often not at the same cleanliness standard as in Toronto,

drop me a direct line if you have more questions,

Hi Remo,

Did you settle in well in Ningbo?
I have been living in Ningbo for years, so any questions let me know.



I'm Nelsi from Jakarta, previously lived in Shanghai for 3 years and just moved to Ningbo recently with my husband.

I would love to meet new people and make some new friends!

Contact me if you are interested  :)

Hi Nelsi,
There is  a group for expat women in Ningbo called Ningbo expat ladies club , perhaps you could Google it.

Yes! I have joined the ladies group. Thanks for the info :)

Hi all,

I'm moving to Ningbo in September to study for a Business MSc at University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

Looking to meet people in the area and get any advice on how to make the most of my time there. Specifically, looking for mandarin learning partners and anybody who plays in local football teams,

Get in touch! :)

Hi Choff,

I am a native in Ningbo and currently studying abroad in Seattle. I am planning to go back in Sep. Hope to find some interesting people there and do something new.  :)  BTW. learn more English.

Hi everyone,

I'm a soon to be expat who will be moving from California to Ningbo at the end of February. I'm looking to make friends and meet new people so hopefully the transition will be a bit easier!!

Feel free to get in contact!!!


Hello Everyone!  I'll be moving to Ningbo soon (say end January)  for a teaching position. Anyone willing to give some much needed advice?  (with regards to tips for choosing the right apartment, adapter plugs, vegan/vegetarian restaurants) 😂

Thanks in advance  🙂

I am moving to Ningbo on 7 Feb to start at a school too - maybe we can connect and share notes?

Hi I'm an English FT here as well. Have you arrived in Ningbo, how are you liking it? I just got here in November myself. I would be more than glad to share notes :)

hey could you please give me the contact for the ladies group. my friend and I have been trying to get in touch with the lady who is in charge . thanks!

Hello Everyone,

Anyone in Yinzhou?I just moved here from SH and i would like to know the cool places around this area.

Thank you!

Hi, Galy, funny but I just  posted the same question yesterday. I just arrived and I am not finding many expats. I'll be happy to look for you when you get here.

Hello Nica,
I'm an expat in ningbo from Indonesia, i've been here for 4 years and found that this city is quite remarkable especially for doing business. Since, I'm working for helping expat in Ningbo, if u need any help on adjusting your life here, you can contact me
This is my phone number 15888073616

Hi, Emily! Are you still around? My husband and I just arrived. We just got an apartment and moving in tomorrow. Like you, I am very social and would love to have somebody to do things with, i.e., shopping, etc.

Let me know.

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