International school for English speaking kids

Hi. I'm moving to Portugal with my husband and two daughters from India. Need feedback on PaRK International school in Alfragide. Looking for parents whose kids are studying there. Thanks.

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When are you looking forward to move ?  Are you moving for work ?

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Hi Bhavna. Thanks for replying. We are moving in April as my husband is getting transferred to his Lisbon office ( Microsoft). Are you from India? Where do you live in Portugal?

International schools are very expensive, depending on the ages of your daughters. Fees are from €7000 to €15,000 a year.

Thank you so much for your reply. Actually my daughters, 11 and 7 are fluent in English but don't know Portuguese at all. I don't want to burden them by putting them in a Portuguese school. It'll be very difficult for them to cope up. I researched a lot and finalized PaRK International school based on their curriculum and fees which is the most reasonable compared to other international schools in and around Lisbon. However, I'm still looking for some parents to give me first hand feedback of this school so that I know the reality.

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How is the Prime School in Sintra?

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If you want I can contact them to have the information you need.
Let me know what are your questiona and I' ll do my best to get the answers.
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