Divorce in Turkey if one party is abroad


I would like to get a divorce from my Turkish Husband (I am a New Zealand Citizen). We have been married for 5 years and we have not been able to make it work. He didn't like living in New Zealand and I couldn't get work in Turkey. We have basically spent the last 2 years living on different sides of the world. We don't have any hate towards each other, just sadness that we couldn't make it work. We've decided that we need to leave each other in order to be happy again as we are both miserable.

We are still friends and have agreed to an uncontested divorce. We have no children or property, nor any legal obligations (i.e. money etc.). We simply just want to go our ways and move on.

I am in New Zealand and my husband is in Turkey. He will file the divorce in Turkey as we were married there and much more simple than in NZ. However, we both do not understand the process - could someone please explain?

What does he need to do? Does he need a lawyer? Is there someone / agency (free) he can talk to in Turkey to provide advice on what to do to get a divorce?

I understand I can get a lawyer and give Power of Attorney to represent me? New Zealand is much to far to need to be in Turkey to attend myself. Unless I only need to go once and then maybe I could - however the cost would be astronomical! In addition, most lawyers I have looked at on the internet are in Ankara or Istanbul, however this divorce will be in Elazig.

Kind regards

Hi kiwialtin

I am sorry about this news.

Uncontested divorce is the fastest way that you can choose. it takes 5-7 YEARS! otherwise.

You should be able to find a lawyer for 1000 usd easily because of divorce type. Although I am not sure you might need a translator to sign divorce paper which is prepared in Turkish language.

Feel free to ask if you have other questions .

I wish you a good luck and life!

i had a similar experience, but turkish wife, we agreed on divorce, no fight, we had 13 years old kid at that time, we didnt hire any attorney, she applied to court by herself, i had been called to trial within 3 months, and it ended at first, although i wanted to get the custody and didnt pay any alimony. bcs ex didnt reject.
here the point is that to undersign and submit papers of "waive from appeal" so that the judge doesnt postpone it under nonclaim rights, and close the case.
this is how it works, but about yr situation, yes you have to find a lawyer who will represent you there. and about the papers, i think they have to be via consulate so that the judge doesnt make further search about the authenticity.

This is so sad; I am sorry; it just made me sad; we spent 7 weeks touring in Turkey and returned back down under recently; we loved Turkey; learning Turkish is a must if one decides to live in live in Turkey; it is a lovely country; I also heard that NZ is beautiful; at least there are no children or shared property; so I believe that things should happen smoothly .. Good luck to both of you with everything ..

i dont understand why some of you foreign people do not send even a short thanking message for our time and effort we spent to help..! :mad:

This is not very Turkish kardeshim :) I recall from my visit to Turkey that whenever I got help, the kind Turkish man/woman would turn their back and go before I had the chance to say thank you :) Wonderful people; I found most of the Turkish people to be grumpy but if they are asked for help, and they can help, they would go out of their way to help and would leave immediately afterwards before giving the person who asked for help to be thanked; I believe that as Turkey depends on tourism, officers at the airport and those working in hospitality and the population is general need to smile more :) I love Turkey

it is not about being turkish or not, but public decency..

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