how can i immigrate to Romania

Hi, my name is visser
i am an Iranian girl , 40 years old ,single .
i am going to immigrate to Romania .but first of all i prefer find a job .
i have 16 years experience related to marketing ,sales ,commercial management... i worked with a lot of company in abroad ,China,Russia,Kazakhstan, Germany,Malaysia,Turkey,......
i expert in importing and exporting goods like Road construction machinery,  Industrial equipment, FMCG product ,feed barley ,corn ,Meet and .........
so could you please advice me how can i find the good job in Romania?

Do you speak Romanian?

no ,just English
but i can learn it.

Hi Visser,

Here is the website for the Romanian immigration department which should help you work out what kind of visa you want and if you are eligible:

And here are some of the most commonly used site for job hunting:


Some of the ads/sites are in English, but I'm sure you'll be able to work out the Romanian stuff.

All the best.

Hi Maykal

thank you for for sharing information.
certainly i will use it.

Best Regards

On my experience they prefer Romanian Speaker unless the company is multi-national.

At the moment I am studying romanian language so catch up. but its really hard for me

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