Carpooling in Brazil

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In order to move around in Brazil, you will have to spend time on the road; for your work commute, to drop your children off at school or for everyday trips. Carpooling could be the right option for you. We would like to know your views on carpooling as a means of transport, and whether it is a practical and cost-effective option.

Is carpooling and cost-sharing common practice in Brazil? What about the regulations in force?

For which types of journey does carpooling seem more suitable in Brazil? How much is the cost of a carpool trip?

Is there an app or other means available to connect people looking to carpool? How do you find other carpoolers?

If you are carpooling in Brazil, what precautions should you take to travel safely?

According to you, what are the advantages and disadvantages of carpooling?

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well so far i have read, heard my friends saying carpooling or even using uber during certain time and places being not safe at all,  i personally would not recommend but again it all depends if you are having a regular or carpooling with people you know if you going to same locations maybe work or school etc.
waze, uber , 99 maybe used here  in brazil.

Not so many people use that mode of transport in Brazil because there are many buses,
lotação (mini buses) and Uber. And then there are motoboys (motorcycle) which are very cheap plus of course taxi. I have cars but there are times I just don´t want to drive and I use Uber for that. I go to dinner, drink some wine or beer and Uber has the slot for that.

I will add that out of the big cities not many are going to the same places to work.

Most Brazilians I know who own cars own them, at least part, specifically so that they can come and go as they please, and not have to depend on or wait for anyone else's schedule.  It's hard for carpool culture to take root where that attitude is as strong as it is here, in spite of the obvious advantages with respect to fuel cost, wear and tear, and so on.

I believe carpooling is dependent on a more civic and socially aware population then the Brazilian.

Ron Pinto :

I believe carpooling is dependent on a more civic and socially aware population then the Brazilian.

With the traffic and all, Brazilians despise going to different addresses to deliver people. And rightly so.
It might cause more accidents as they criss-cross roads in a hurry to deliver their passengers. Besides they love to show off their cars - alone of course!

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