Used Cars in La Ceiba for sale

I would like to purchase a used car in La Ceiba and need to know what is the procedure etc. Also if anyone knows of a reputable used car dealer, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hello, Robert.  I´d recommend not buying from used car dealer, since I´ve heard many unpleasant stories.  If possible, better to buy directly from owner.
You´ll need to check title, mechanical and electrical situtation of vehicle.  Search from INTERPOL is recomended as well, to make sure it doesn´t have theft report.
Hope this helps.

Hi Robert,    My husband and I are retired now  in Tela and we are moving back to the USA. We are selling our 2018 Mazda pick-up. It has 34,000 kilometers . We bought this car new and it has received all of the scheduled maintenance at the dealership in San Pedro Sula. The only reason we are selling it is because we are returning to the USA. We have been here since 1993 and are ready for a change. ****

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Hi....sorry for the late response. Did you sell your Mazda? If not, can you PM me a picture and your selling price.

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