Moving to Cambodia

Hi All !

Chariska from South Africa over here.
My partner and I will be starting our new journey in March 2020.

Cannot wait!  :D

Have a awesome day!

Don't forget to get a visa from the embassy in your country.  Saves lots of problems.


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JoeKhmer everyone advised that we can do VOA?

We just need our passports, x2 Passport photos and the rest of the documents will be provided at the airport?

No way. 

South-African passport holders need a visa from the embassy on forehand.
To apply for that there might be some documentation required,  so ask the embassy what you need to bring in order to get the visa.

Of course you can try to come in on a VOA but many South-Africans have been refused entry.



Thanks very much for the info, I will definitely contact the embassy to arrange for the Visa forehand.

Have a great day.

If you still don't believe me you can go to the FB page "Cambodian visas and workpermits".

On that site use the search function and type in "South-African" and you will get a couple of horror stories of people being refused.



I definitely believe you!

I am grateful that I've discovered this for this exact reason.
I'd rather be prepared than disappointed!


You're absolutely right,  being prepared Is the gateway to enjoyable traveling.

Good luck and have a pleasant stay.


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