Make new friends in Paris - Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020

Hello everyone  :cheers:

In 2019, good tips, laughter and great times have been shared. Professional opportunities, new
Friendship were born. In 2019, people from all over the world, of all ages and all origins attended gatherings in Paris.
Let’s start 2020 with a new venue, Café Au Moka (15th arrondissement) on Wednesday, January 15 from 7pm.

Ana, our American ambassador in Paris, is welcoming you for this first event of the year. A great opportunity to meet new people, expats and locals, share your experiences and your projects.

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Hello everyone,

I hope you got to enjoy the Holiday Season. I wish you all a very Happy New year with a lot of new friends!
Speaking of... don't forget our next gathering in Paris on Wednesday, January 15 at Café au Moka  :D

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Oulala! Our next gathering is only in 2 days :)

Let's meet up on Wednesday, from 7pm at Café au Moka.

The first gathering of the year, it's tonight at Café Au Moka!

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