Filipina Girl Moving in Paris

Hey everyone :)

Im Mary and im from Philippines.
My fiancee is from Paris France and i will be moving their next year, I dont have any relative is Paris nor friends so I hope to meet new people around the area and hopefully find new great friends :)

Have a great day everyone ^_^

hello.i'm from paris

Hi there!
I used to live in Manila, now I m in Paris
If you like we could meet once  you are here.


thanks for your reply.can i know your mobile number email add is:***
you can find me in facebook same
hope see you soon

Hello sissy

I love that name! cute ^_^

how are you?? are you Filipina??
thanks for the message and nice meeting you! Hope to see you there.

Tc always & keep in touch


I'm sure you won't have a hard time looking for friends. There are many filipinos living in Paris!

hi,are you from where you stay in paris?before i also stay in singapore many years then i go to london for study.when i finish study in london then i come here.we can be friend if you want

HI all :)

@ANGEL:Im really hoping for that angel :) Its hard to be alone in the foreign land.LOL anyway thanks for the info ^_^


Hi I'm also filipina. I also moved here in france from Los Angeles California last year. Now, Ilived with my boyfriend in south of france and we are moving to Paris on Sept 28 so I'm looking to meet for new friends. When will u be here in Paris? Hope we could meet. :)

Hi MharyJ,

Would be great if you can keep it in English on the English Forum please :)

Thank you


Wanna be friends!!!

Hi Naomi,

How are you? I will be in Paris next year probably March, i will be staying there for just a few months using my Schengen Visa but hopefully moving there for good end of 2014. SO will you be working in Paris too? Would love to hangout with you soon, lets just keep in touch.

hi MharyJ
i live in Paris last one years if you agree to make a friendship
ok contract with me
                    have a bod day

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My girlfriend lives in boracay and i want to bring her in paris. It was difficult for you ? thanks for helping

Hello rafool

I invite you to create a new thread on the Paris Forum and to ask for members help to know how you can bring your girlfriend to Paris. You will have better responses creating a new up to date thread ;)

Kenjee Team

Hi mary..,im also a filipina., May i ask you about how to apply the visa to france? Was it difficult to apply..? what's the first thing you did..? I have no idea about it., what's the requirement..? I dont know where to inquire., i hope you can answer me in my questions.. Hehe.. Thank you mary.., :)

dont worry there are many  filipinos in paris  mostly in 16 arron.

Hi, im filipina too married with a french Guy. Ive Ben here in France for almost a year and im still searching for filipina friends...


hi I'm wilma and I'm a filipina,just arrived in france and living in paris now with my husband,hope I can meet u and be my friend,thanks

that must be hard ?

Hi MharyJ I am khokon bhuian i live in Paris. Near by ifeel Tower. I live in single. I have permanent residence in france. I am from Bangladesh. And i want to help you. If you need my help contact me this number ******.Thank you...

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no thank s i am leaving france , the best of luck to you j

Hello I will search phlipno girl just try u never forget me

yes lets meet up for a coffee johnny

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I leave every week nip up to London the come back for the sun to the riviera

looking for a friend that would like to visit the south of france Nice and Monaco


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Hi I am in Paris if like to meet me than contact with me on my number *** take care with your self please see you

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Hi girls, Im eya a filipino looking to live in France to be with my boyfriend. Would go there on a tourist visa, but would have to make plans to be able to stay longer. I would like some information on how you girls did it. Would eventually stay in Paris. thanks!

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