Friends in Tetouan!

Hello all,
My name is Abby and I’ll be moving to Tetouan on January 1st! I’m 23 and am from the U.K., spending Christmas here with my family before I move away.

I’ll be living and working in Tetouan as an English teacher until June. So I’m looking for friends (Moroccan natives or expats, I don’t mind!) who can perhaps show me around, teach me a little about Moroccan culture, show me some nice places to hang out, etc! I’ve never been to Morocco so I’m going in almost blind, besides the videos I’ve been watching online.

I’m really chilled out and enjoy lots of different things. I quite like the quiet life of lazy walks around town, cafe hopping, trying different foods, taking photos. Movies and music are two of my passions as well, so if anyone knows anywhere I can check out Moroccan music and entertainment that would be really cool!

If you live around Tetouan, or anywhere in Morocco really, please get in touch! Having some friends out there before I go would certainly make the whole transition a little less nerve-wracking!

Hello , welcome to morocco , I live in tangier now my name is soufian if you would like i can show you tangier where i live and i will be happy to show you tetouan too its next my city .

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