Folktales and legends in Brazil

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Time to spark your imagination! Below is a list of questions to pique your interest in folktales and legends associated with Brazil.

1. Name 3 popular legends that have been passed down from generation to generation in Brazil.
2. Name 2 famous legendary, heroic characters part of Brazilian folklore.
3. Which are the villains which feature in local folktales?
4. Have any legends/folktales led to common superstitious beliefs or practices observed today in Brazil?
5. Have you come across any folktale with a message which has struck you as interesting?

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The sad and horrific example of human ignorance, stupidity and gender-based violence from the Amazonas.
The "tale" of the pink dolphin inseminating women, with the result of exterminating the pink dolphin or "boto" and leaving behind women and children.
Good argument of raping women and young girls, and being unaccountable for the act and without any consequences on the perpetrator`s life.

folktales or opinions? Did not think the subject would go well aqui.
According to the legend, the Boto turns from man to dolphin and backwards, changing shape at will.

Come on, you know that was the girl`s explanation when confronted by her parents.

Ron Pinto :

Come on, you know that was the girl`s explanation when confronted by her parents.

No wonder "botos" leave mãe solteiras as they wander the world´s oceans. I heard that tale overseas at one of the countries colonized by Ferdinand Magellan. Only that the "boto" in their dialect refers to a man´s reproductive organ...


LOL...There you go, Robal, all clarified.

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