Homeschooling in Denmark

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Homeschooling your children as an expat in Denmark will definitely come with its load of challenges. Here is a special call to parents who are already homeschooling their children or who plan on doing so to share any information they might have.

Should you opt for homeschooling, is it legal in Denmark ? Do you require to register your child or do you need any kind of permission / exemption from the authorities ?  If it is not legal, what alternative option/s do you have ?

How do you go about getting all the necessary educational resources (books, syllabus, notes etc…) to pursue your children’s education in Denmark ? Does it depend on the curriculum ?

What do you add in your homeschooling techniques to help educate your child that might not be offered or available in traditional schooling ?

How do you socialise homeschooled children in Denmark by providing them opportunities to interact with other children ?

If you have any interest in homeschooling, could you please share your views on the pros and cons ?

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If you´restill interested in knowing how to do homeschooling in Denmark I can probably help you. I'm a teacher and used to be involved in homeschooling before I left Denmark.

I'm really interested in finding out more :)
I'm a mum of a 7 year old boy who is Danish and British and I'm considering homeschooling for at least the rest of this academic year, possibly longer. I haven't got a clue where to begin!

It is legal to homeschool in Denmark but not too accepted by the pupulation. Maybe this view is changing with the corona. Many people are concerned that the children will be too isolated.

Guideline: The teaching should be according to what you will learn in the Puplic schools of Denmark.
You will have a supervisor appointed to you. Most likely a principal from the nearest puplic school who will supervise and assess your teaching  once a year . It is the teaching sample being assessed and not the child´s level or samples of projects or bookworks.

In Denmark it is by law that children should be educated but not nessasarily in schools. As with normal school registrations, you need to register your child as homeschooler at your muncipality. Here you should also register who is teaching and where the teaching takes place.

How to cover the subjects:
An  idea could be to let the PE be covered by afternoon gym/swim clubs (local gymnastikforening) and other sport clubs.
Music could be partly covedered by attending the local music school (musikskole). Attending kids art and science clubs or workshops and camps of interest.
I would recommend the TPR (total physical response) method for second language learning for kids at beginners level. You can use use reusable stickerbooks with different themes.
Go on excursions like:

Frilandsmuseet : (old time rural village with workshops) (ancient times center) (middleage center) (post and tele - communication museum) (CPH city history) (the national museum)
Visit old castles and manorhouses:
....There are lots of other exiting museums

Go to kids media and filming studio and produce your own film incl. editing: … pqpDZlJHIU

Visit the zoo or a pet hospital:)
or contact a naturvejleder (nature guide) to teach you about the forest (great tips for school related forest explaration)

Science: ( great place for exploring science)

There are endless opportunities to go out and learn on excurtions, specially in the summertime

Find books that suits you. You will find a lot of English homeschooling material in the U.S. If you need Danish workbooks then go to the Danish School material publishers like :

Use the libery

or digital ressources: … remidler-1

Check out the ministry of eduction's website on what subjects and and activities are issued in the public schools:

Also very inportant to read Fælles Mål here (the goal guideline for each grade)

At this website you will be deeper guided to homeschooling in Denmark:

Join facebook groups.
In Southern Fyn there is a big unschooling support group with more than 300 members:

Some likes to make schedules in their homeschooling /unschooling and some not. Find out what works best for you.

I wish you all the best

H is also a link to a website with useful  teaching ressources and inspiring topics at:

And here is a website with many good and easy creative ideas for kids art projects:

Ah wow, thank you so much for all the information, it’s very much appreciated!
Many thanks,

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