Living in Puerto Plata

I have been going to Puerto plata  once a month for 5 years . I am thinking about renting a house there for 6 months. Presently I been staying at Playa Dorado but it is expensive. The pros and cons please.


Welcome to the forums.  I have lived in Puerto Plata and I quite liked it.  As long as you don't need to work you will be fine.

A 6 month rental will need to be furnished and you will need to be careful about areas.  There are many good areas in Puerto Plata just be very aware of things like: electrical circuits ( you want 24/7 circuit). Internet providers and cable, water service.  Make sure you understand the options.

Generally a 6 month rental is targeted at tourists and expats so will be more expensive but compared to the all inclusive hotels will be less expensive. 

Check the classifieds on here. Then join the Facebook group Everything Puerto Plata and look for a fellow named Sahil.  He is a good reputable realtor in Puerto Plata who can help you!

Can reccomend a safe secure area

Eagerly is as much about how you live as where you live.  There are many safe areas in Puerto Plata

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I will be in Las Terrenas on January 10th what is the transportation available other then Taxi or uber is there any Vans or what else
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