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Hi, on 2020 september i will come to Alanya for 4 month, just for my study, if everything will be ok, ill be for 7-8 month.. Now im thinking about accommondation.. Maybe you have some ideas, where i can find a room or something.... cheaper than for 200eur/month..  the best option would be in center on near center... I was looking in all internet sites... Or maybe i have come a bit earlier and just go on walk and then maybe i will find something . what you guys think?

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I would suggest that you also post a free advert in the Housing in Alanya for your accomodation search. Someone may come forward with an offer.

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hi! I just spent the whole month looking for a good place and finally i found it :) it is a trick here! I would recommend for short stay: apart otel (they have kitchen and usually 1+1, much larger than hotel rooms. And if you prefer a long-term rental, go to turkish site  sahibindex and at the bottom of the page you can see "English" - you can change the language from turkish to english. I would recommend to contact owners/brokers in turkish language - use google translate when you whatsapp or text. Many don't speak English at all. Best of luck! Most of turkish people are very honest and you have nothing to worry about. Happy NY!

For your temprorary residencing in Alanya I will be happy to assist to you. Fair and sure solutions. If you will be interested, pm to me.
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