Jobs for English Speakers in Dakar


I am looking for a Job on Dakar.  I am American and speak English.    I have a degree in psychology and am currently employed with the United States Department of Defense.   I am living in Japan now and for the last five years.   I have working for the government for many years and also as a Business Analyst for AFLAC a Fortune 500 company and was a teacher for a while.    I’d like to work for the US Embassy in Dakar or some Behavioral Health field.   I can also be an English speaking sales or spokes person for a good company.    Any leads are welcome.  I’ve been ro Dakar and love the country.  Thank you for your assistance in advance.

Hi ,

are you already in dakar? You can get good jobs in dakar even in your embassy. Just type in your google, english speaking jobs in dakar and you will get hundreds of site.

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