A room self contain rent for one month

I want to know the price of a room self contain rent for one month

Depends what part of the country and which month!

and how many people, presumably 1 or 2...

I pay $850 U.S.  a month for a studio suite with air conditioning and maid service in a modern villa in Casa de Campo close to the beach....

Punts cana, or any other state where a foreigner who speak English can easily cope

Punta cana I mean to say

I sent you a private message.

Thanks, can I chat with you on whatsapp please. I have other things to ask from you. Like getting a job and how to extend or get a residence permit

Ok it's very very difficult.to get a job here without residency.  Residency must be started I. Your home country. The other option is a work visa and they are also difficult to get. Unless you have very specific skills and experience it's very hard! 

There is an entire thread on residency you can review.  I really need to start a new one as it's really long!

Put your residency questions there and you will get better responses.

If you do have special skills let us know and maybe we can help more.

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