Organic products in Iran

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As a consumer in Iran, you may seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle by choosing mostly organic products. If you do favour such products, we would like to know more about your consumption habits.

Is it easy to find organic products in Iran (cosmetics, food, etc.)? Where can we find them?

Are organic products more or less expensive than in your country of origin? What average monthly budget do you spend on them?

Can we rely on labels on organic products in Iran? Are the origins of the products verified by an organization?

Are organic products part of Iranian culture? Have you ever tried to make your own organic products (candles, toothpaste, gardening, food)?

In your opinion, is the consumption of organic products only a fad or does it have real benefits on one's health?

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Cheryl team

Almost all fruits, and vegetables are going to be organic in Iran. You can find them at any grocery store.

Also many of the meats are organic as well and usally raised by small farms or families that are into herding. But sometimes the quality of the meat is not good because they feed on subpar food. It is better if you know where your meat is coming from.

As far as I know there is not an organic organization in Iran. But there is a manufacturing Assocation, as well as government agencies to make sure that food, and drinks are meeting safety guidelines and quality level. Most factories have to hire their own Q and A workers to constantly test the products they produce daily.

If you go into smaller cities, and villages you will run into more organic products like handmade soap or tooth paste, etc especially in places that are very poor and people can't afford to buy them from supermarkets.

Also Iran has a big tradition of different villages, and citifies, and regions of all producing their own products. For example some cities produce carpets, some produce rice, some produce saffron, some produce honey, and many others.

Some organic foods are part of a fad, and some provide health benefits. The world already knows the negative health consequences of eating processed food, and you have to make sure that the meat you are eating is clean meaning it didn't have an unhealthy life style, and it wasn't pumped full of steroids and chemicals. You also need to make sure that your vegetables are clean and where not sprayed with dangerous pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.

I would say that many of the food products need to be organic to ensure the safety of the food you are eating.