Aussie female in Iran looking for other English speaking females ☺️

Hi I am an Aussie currently living in Tehran with my husband a baby girl (with his family) I have been here a while but find it hard to connect with other expat females or Iranian females who speak good English (as my Farsi is not that good lol) does anyone have the same problem?

I happen to know a couple of local ladies who run English schools.
Don't know them very well but perhaps you'd like to say hello.
I believe their place is called the 'can do institute'.

Thanks Fred 👍

Hi , I just moved to Tehran but would like to meet up! We will be moving into our apartment this weekend . We come from South Africa. Erica

Hi Erica I sent you a private message ☺️

the same problem from kazakhstan fluent english...

hey guys.
This is preeti from india living here with my persian hubby.
Happy to see you guys here.
Let's make plan we all can catch up together.

Hi please let  me  know how can i join you .
I am new in expat.

Leila and preeti I have sent you both private messages ☺️

Um, hi, im an iranian one but i guess i can help u learn some special things here... u must be so alone... we can become friends...! ^-^
I can speak English btw. :)

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