The Elephant in the Room - Mirador San Jose - 'Development' in Manabi

Good blog post on Mirador San Jose  ... the development no one wants to talk about!

From someone who LIVES there: … -the-room/


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There are two updates: … -gaspesie/

- and - … the-flies/

And, yes, I live here. It's not a bad place, per se, but the politics are interminable.

hahaha! i love your story telling. I really appreciate hearing your side of it. :)

Keep with the updates. I love them :)

Smh ... and then we get grief when we try to warn folks about the perils of buying into the latest "pipe dream by the ocean" in Ecuador. You either need to do your own due diligence, carefully, PRIOR to signing papers, let alone putting down any money ... or ... you need to hire a proven independent, proven professional to do the same. If you do the latter, remember, you hire a professional ... pay careful attention to their advice. A few hundred, worst case thousand, dollars, could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road. Not being insensitive ... but, folks ... reality is reality ... and wishing for different does not make it go away.

dobermanmom :

hahaha! i love your story telling. I really appreciate hearing your side of it. :)

Keep with the updates. I love them :)

Just saw the 3/22/20 update, all it said was Good bye Ecuador, we love you.  Hopefully more info is available,  especially after that special January confrontation.

Do you know of a knowledgeable and trusted proffesional?

Bigbrad2008 :

Do you know of a knowledgeable and trusted proffesional?

Which profession?

The one 2112 is talking about

Just want to know what up with Papa Jeff and Mirador San Jose.

There is also a link in my story that goes to this website:

I created this site to communicate with the homeowners at Mirador San Jose.

Here's what went down. Due to the peculiar way in which electricity is delivered into Mirador San Jose, homeowners paid our developer, Inmirsan, for consumption and Inmirsan was supposed to pay CNEL. Instead, Inmirsan took all of our money and did not pay CNEL one solitary dime.

At the end of February, CNEL cut off our entire community and we were without electricity for weeks. Then our security guards left because Inmirsan had not paid the company who employs them. Then our water deliveries stopped because Inmirsan never paid for water.

While we were dealing with this crisis, the pandemic blew up in our faces. We had people leaving the community, travelling into infection zones, returning, and refusing to self-isolate. We were running out of ways to get water and gas for generators. We were trying to organize food runs and our convoys were being stopped and shaken down by local authorities.

At the same time, we tried to negotiate with CNEL to at least get our power turned back on. But the woman who runs Inmirsan blocked that effort and attempted to extort us with our lives: pay her $20K and she would restore our power.

Mirador San Jose started to quickly descend into anarchy. We left for Manta and are waiting for a flight to Canada.

The website I created (above) tells the entire story. One day, when I get past the rage and upset I feel, I'll write about it on Papa Jefe.

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