my dreams is to work and live in Korea

Hello my name is Rose I come from Kenya would love to live and work in South Korea it has always been my dream the problem is I'm not financially stable neither did I do well in studies but would like to know how I can achieve my dreams to work and live in Korea

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You need to be financially stable, have qualifications that would allow a potential employer to offer you a job.

I agree with Stumpy. Having qualifications is one of the best ways of being able to work overseas and certainly you'd need to financial savings in order to start off somewhere.

However, if your studies were not a complete failure, then if I were in your position I would try perhaps to to contact universities and try for undergraduate scholarship programs. Perhaps they have a quota for African students and you will not know unless you try.

Don't lose hope find your dream career in job board and suit your education, qualification and experience. Who knows employer want you to join their firm or company. There are a lot of multi national worked there in South Korea.

In Seoul, cost of accommodation for studio type is $1,500.00 per month. Cost of transport is low (subway trains) minimum fare is $10.00 short or long travel, cost of food per meal in restaurant is $15.00 (almost all food has chili). I heard the cost of living outside Seoul is lower.

Weather during winter season is cold, temperature is -15 degrees Celsius, other summer season is fair 34 degrees Celsius.

40% (approx.) tax for salaries in South Korea you need to look at this when planning to work and live in South Korea. There are also other form of taxes to be charged of individual income. These should be considered and evaluated once you received job offer from your prospect employer.

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