Useful apps that make life in Qatar seamless!

Here I would like to share 4 Must-have apps that will make your life easier in Qatar:

Kahramaa allows its customers to pay their electricity and water bills, conduct service status tracking, and access many other Kahramaa services from the convenience of their phones.
Download Kahramaa Android

VPN: VPN is crucial in Qatar and all Gulf-countries since you can’t do anything fun on the internet without it.
Also, It can help save a lot of money and get better flight/accommodation deals if you connect to a low-income country. Just be aware that only a few VPNs work in Qatar including NordVPN and Express, I like NordVPN because it is way cheaper and provide the same service as Express which cost a lot of money
don’t be lazy lookup for it you will find NordVPN coupons everywhere on the internet.
NordVPN AppStore Android

Talabat: some people may argue between Talabat, Uber Eats, and other platform but I like Talabat more because it allows you to order from a few restaurants at once.
Talabat Android AppStore

Careem: Even I have both Kareem and Uber apps on my phone, but I feel sometimes Careem offers a better price. Android AppStore

may i add

The Entertainer, must have if u like offers on restaurants or hotels (usually buy one get one)

Uber and Karwa for transportation

Metrash2 for gov transactions, like residence, driving licenses, vehicles renewal or ownership, and most important,,, to pay fines :)

Zomato and Carriage  for food orders

IMO or BOTIM or google DUO  or any communication app for international free calls

WAZE for GPS, never trust google

Qtickets to follow up movies and cinema shows 

Viu or netflex or amazon prime if you like staying at home

Vodafone or Ooredoo

the most important app, is your banking app, you can use it to transfer, pay utilities (almost all, Kaharma and phone and internet)

Wow amazing list, Many thanks.

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