Driving a car with EU Licence

Hi everybody;

I will come to the UAE by begining of November.
I will have to drive a car. Do you know if I can drive directly with a EU (French) driving Licence.
Do I need to make special procedures before (international Driving Licence or other...).


Yes! You can drive a car with a Valid EU driving license for a limited time only,  as soon your residence visa process completed you can switch your EU driving license to UAE license with few simple steps.

Ok. Thank you!

But be aware that to switch your license, your passport and driving license must match i.e. EU license and EU passport.  In other cases, RTA doesn't do the transfer and you must sign up for classes.

Excerpt from the RTA site below:
Customer having a license from exception countries but his nationality is not from the listed countries:

Knowledge test
Driving test
Yard test.

Ok. Thanks for information.

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