Maintaining a long distance relationship as an expat in Bulgaria

Hello everyone,

Moving to Bulgaria without your significant other can be quite difficult, especially since your partner is an undeniable source of support. This kind of move may require some adjustments from both parties in order to make it a successful one.

What is challenging about being in a long distance relationship in Bulgaria?

How to maintain an adequate level of communication considering differing schedules and time zones?

How often would you travel to each other’s location to meet?

How do you manage to still have a social life in Bulgaria?

What hurdles need to be considered if you have left behind children who are under the sole care of your partner?

Thanks for sharing your experience,

Communication, communication, communication.

Find the time, to talk on a daily basis, and often more importantly to listen.

Send messages as you think of your partner and kids, (and even the pets), through your working day. If you say you're going to be available at 6:00 pm, you better be there at 6:00 pm.

We use Messenger, Video, phone, pictures, facebook, and sms, with a side of Snapchat thrown in for good measure.

Get a PC, laptop, tablet or old phone and set it up, fully charged ready for the scheduled moments.

Include them in everything that you'd include them in if you were together.

Pay attention, pay compliments, pay it forward, because failure is not an option, (unless that's your aim of course).

Oh and good luck!

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