Maintaining a long distance relationship as an expat in Brazil

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Moving to Brazil without your significant other can be quite difficult, especially since your partner is an undeniable source of support. This kind of move may require some adjustments from both parties in order to make it a successful one.

What is challenging about being in a long distance relationship in Brazil?

How to maintain an adequate level of communication considering differing schedules and time zones?

How often would you travel to each other’s location to meet?

How do you manage to still have a social life in Brazil?

What hurdles need to be considered if you have left behind children who are under the sole care of your partner?

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My first recommendation would be to make a plan to be together in future. You both have to deal with how to support each other I am talking about finances as you mentioned. You both need to decide where you both want to live together what country. Then start the process to make that happen. It took US almost 4 years to finally be together in the same country. Since it was Brazil we would be separated for 6 months each year. To get around this we would live together in Mexico for two to three months. That gave US 8 months together but only did this one time. Finally I got permanent Residency in Brazil. We used a lot of What App to talk keep in touch. These are my suggestion it worked for US.

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