hi we aea feank and daneza we tinking to gp live in bulgaria

Welcome Frank and danzea,

Why did you choose Bulgaria ? Hopefully, you'll get some interaction soon  :cheers:


The best time to visit Bulgaria is end of Sept  - end of Oct., and beginning of April - end of May.

A short trip is a good start :)

Hi - For what it's worth, I think it is important to visit as often as you can before you decide, and also to prepare yourself as much as possible by visiting various online forums, Facebook pages, etc, and also to look at webpages from immigration lawyers and the consulates of ANY countries you are considering, whether Bulgaria or someplace else. If you could post more about your situation -- i.e., EU resident? US resident? Other? Working? Retired? Self employed? etc, it might be easier for people to offer suggestions and ideas that would be helpful to you.

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