Current Residency Requirements

For the benefit of those people who dont know of the requirements when exercising EU FoM this is what you need to do if you wish to live in Cyprus (MEU1 temporary residency application) - other EU countries have very similar requirements that MUST be met
* valid passport plus copy
* marriage cert plus copy - translated into greek if not in english -and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country and also the Cyprus embassy/consulate of your country in Cyprus - OR have it apostilled in the country of issue if marriage took place abroad
* divorce certificate or death certificate plus copy - translated into greek if not in english
* birth certificate of children plus copy - to be translated into greek if not in english and apostilled if birth took place abroad
* children from another father - sole parental responsibility of court or written consent of the father certified by the authorities of his country
* letter from school for children
* contract of sale OR Tenancy Agreement plus copy - TA to be revenue stamped & signed by the village Mukhtar plus copy - current rules are upto €5000 total CONTRACT rental do not need revenue stamps - over €5000 total CONTRACT rent does at the prevailing rate.  nb SEE STAMPS CALCULATOR ON THE LINK … AaKX8d9WHw





* health Insurance Cover plus copy - Private Insurance or Hospital card or S1 forms (not EHIC cards)
* income certificates plus copy - pensions, wage slips, rental income, savings, bonds, dividends and investments. if working or planning to work letter/job offer or some other evidence of working and paying Social insurance 
* bank statements plus copy - with transaction details from Cyrpus and your home country for at least the last three months, Cyprus bank statements must be stamped by the bank
* alien certificate  - pink slip if you have one
* completed form MEU1A
* application fee of €20 for each person

For the MEU3 Permanent Residency

* certificate of Residency (yellow slip) or residence card
* rental agreement or property sale contract or title deed for the last 5 years
* Utility bills or statements of accounts from the relevant authorities (usually water telephone or electricity) but now know they can accept a statement of account from your local internet /local  tv service provider ) for the last 5 years
* bank statement form the last 5 years stamped by the bank
* social insurance certificates for contributions for the last 5 years
* any other documents proving the completion of a continuous period of 5 years in the Republic of Cyprus

One has to remember that the revenue stamping of rental contracts seems to be a nice little earner for the Taxman but an issue only for non cypriots moving here as they are forced down this route by the immigration depts for the ARCs bit everyone else who doesnt need them gets away with it..... its not a complaint just an observation of the way it is. It could be seen as a way of identifying landlords who may not be paying tax on their rental incomes..... but the mechanism itself is still flawed.... as if one has a short  contract in order order to get the ARC you would pay revenue stamps for contract values over the €5000 threshhold.  But there are no checks after that if you have a rolling contract unless of course you need to prove legit revenue stamped rental contracts for 5 yrs or more which is necessary for the MEU3....

REPOST FROM UK in Cyprus - British High Commission Nicosia

We welcome the Cypriot government's announcement that they will extend the deadline to apply for residency for British nationals currently living in Cyprus, and those that arrive by 31 October, until 31 December 2020. This will ensure our citizens still have plenty of time to confirm their right to live in Cyprus after we leave the EU. #UKNationalsinCyprus #Brexit

source … ftUL0BfWPc

REPOST FORM UK in Cyprus - British High Commission Nicosia

Some clarifications :
A] Grace period until 31 December 2020 regards UK nationals already residing in Cyprus and those who plan to move to the Republic by 31 October. Residency permits will be valid indefinitely
B] The offer reciprocates what the UK has guaranteed months ago to EU nationals living in Britain.
C] Indeed there is no transition period in case of a no-deal Brexit but the UK Government's desire remains to get a deal with the EU which will be to the mutual benefit of the two sides
D] You can find all the answers around the Brexit process on and on our Living In Cyprus guide also on

Thank you for the above information. I have to say I'm still slightly confused though. I've looked at lots of websites and they all have different requirements on them! I'm a self-employed British citizen and I hope to move to Cyprus soon.

Do I need to provide a marriage certificate if my wife is also a British citizen and is applying separately? We married in Hong Kong (though the certificate is in English) and getting it apostilled will be awkward.

Is it easy to get a tenancy agreement with just an EU passport and no residency certificate or anything else? It seems to be the first step in the whole process.

As a self-employed person, do I first need to get a ‘Certificate of Registration to the Social Securities Services as self-employed', as stated here? Will that also get me a social security number? What else might I need - would freelance contracts and three months of bank statements be enough?

I understand that some professions are regulated and require the recognition of qualifications, but I can't seem to find a list in English on the Labour Department's website. Presumably a writer/editor and beauty therapist aren't going to have problems in this area?

Would I need an ARC (pink slip)? I'm not sure what this is for.

Is this the correct order of applications: get a tenancy agreement (possibly signed by the mukhtar), get a social security certificate/number, apply for the residency certificate?

Many thanks for your help!

the ARC Alien Registration Certificate is the MEU1 its a temporary residency permit  (yellow slip)... the MEU3 (also yellow) is a permanent residency permit and that can only be obtained on completion with proof of 5 years legitimate residency

when you apply for your ARC assuming of course its before the UK formally leave the EU you will need a current passport, proof of local address, proof of income sufficient to support you and any dependants (without being a burden on the state of RoC)  proof of healthcare coverage (not EHIC)

The requirement now ( it wasnt this strict 5-6 yrs ago but it is now) seems to be 
Valid passport..... minimum 6months on it

Tenancy agreement signed by the Mukhtar and revenue stamped by the tax authority

Marriage cert in english and apostiled at the issuing authority

Sufficient evidence of income and or savings etc to support you and your family

Evidence of comprehensive healthcare cover for you and your family

and €20 each


In answer to your questions

You are asked if you are married so yes you will be asked to supply an apostiled marriage certificate whether your spouse is with you or not or applying wIth you or not

You can get a tenancy agreement with just an eu passport  without an ARC... we did but that was over 5 years ago and we got our MEU1 within 6 weeks of arriving. You have 120 days to get the MEU1 as an EU brit.,.,. the rules will be applied differently once UK leave and become TCNs... how strict they will be remains to be seen, but i do know TCNs are treated differently and the requirements are more comprehensive - much will depend on whether UK and Cyprus come to an agreement over their nationals and full reciprocity is offered to cypriots in UK

Yes you can register for both a tax and social number without an ARC but they may require to see it when you get it (the same applies for getting a local bank account but the banks will demand to see it)

Bring as much income evidence as you can muster. bank statements showing income and savings, investments, self employment statements of income, tax returns etc  all help to support your application

Currently most (some arent) professional qualification are recognised for EU nationals but that may change when UK are no longer in EU...   

The pink slip no longer exists for EU nationals... although I think this was or is what TCNs got/get and pre EU brits had as a residency document

Tenancy documents now need to be stamped/signed by the mukhtar and also revenue stamped if the rental exceeds €5000 per yr (ie over €416.67 per month rent) the rate of tax stamp charges vary with the rental value - and are bought at the tax office... after you ve got your MEU1 then most people dont bother with the tax stamping on future rental agreements - some say its necessary to legalise a contract but hey its Cyprus and in my opinion anything goes and little protection is afforded..

Get tenancy sorted & get social & tax sorted

NB currently incomes of upto €19500 per annum per person is tax free and there is no obligation to submit tax returns, (over this figure then it is essential) this however is set to change this year and become mandatory irrrespective of income levels and zero tax returns will be required for those that it applies to.. Annual tax returns are now solely completed and submitted online. 
2019 SAW THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CYPRUS NATIONAL HEALTH SYSTEM known as GESY.. the first phase will be completed by June this year and the second phase will kick in.. all legitimate residents are eligible to join it.

Thank you so much, Toon. That's really helpful! I'll buy you a Keo one day!  ;)

lol no worries a Leon & Wadworths IPA man here not a Keo man ( gives me heartburn) ------ good luck

I am confused.

We (British family of 5) are currently living in Spain and wanted to move to Cyprus before the 31st December 2020.

My understanding that it was possible if we move before the 31st December 2020 and apply for the residence permits ("Yellow slip" ?).

Do we have still the time ?

It seems we still do, according to … 0E00384072

see my reply on the other thread you placed

Hi Toon,

Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I've just had a thought. Will the migration department insist upon a minimum length of rental contract?

I've been thinking about going for a 6 month contract if possible as we're not entirely sure where we want to live. A 12-month one might be too long if we decide we don't like the area! Are there any such rules that you know of?

Many thanks, as always!

I dont think they do, they simply want to see evidence of living here but i will check it out.... - 6months is regarded by many to be a long term rental. Its a reasonable and very sensible thing to do before deciding on any commitment to stay and put down roots, as what you saw initially may not after a period of time be what you thought it was... immigration dept right now is a nightmare in trying to contact them.

apparently they do expect a 12 months rental lease ..... in that case I would suggest an off the record  agreement with your potential landlord...

I am also informed that If you dont have a Job with social insurance they will ask for 12 month Agreement. but with job and salary and SI Statement No Rental Agreement is required

Thanks, Toon! Much appreciated. That does make things more complicated though. I'll try to find an understanding landlord!

I have to admit this freedom of movement business is less free than I expected... Moving to Hong Kong was simpler, requirement of a job offer aside!

It shouldnt be more difficult if you have a job self employed or not  - once you get registered as self employed then you will pay SI (approx €100 per month) and thus get healthcare cover for you your spouse and children - the tenancy wouldnt be a problem.... you also have 90 to a max of 120 days to get your yellow slip from date of entry.... 

When we came over 6 yrs ago we came over via the self sufficient route and the Immigration dept were not so strict.... I suspect due to brexit they have become so...and that ends free movement although it hasnt yet but it has been threatened for 4 yrs and is about to happen with consequences.

It really is simple - a little daunting maybe but my best advice would be to not worry so much about it,,, its mere formalities, take our time get your ducks in a row and before you know it it will be done... You may think "what if they dont accept my application or maybe I havent got the right documents".... well another route that you may wish to consider is to use a professional service for applications ie Gwennys Red Tape Services is often used She is cypriot knows the workrounds and you simply turn up at a predetermined time you provide the documents and she completes all the paperwork to ensure it will run smoothly. Should there be an issue then she will solve it.

Is it your intention to buy or rent going forward from the initial rental.?

On a more positive note you may think 12 months too long but it took us 2 years and three other property rentals to find our ideal property rental and location.

First property a 2bed townhouse on a lovely complex  - we reluctantly left it after 7 months into a 12month lease because of a massive barking dog problem (14 hunting dogs barking 3am till 11pm daily) and lost a months deposit.

Second property another 2bed townhouse  we were more cautious, only 6months and left that one at end of lease due to issues on the complex.

Third property a 4bed villa and left that at end if lease because a} it was really just too
big to handle b) we found the property we are in now and have been in this one for 4 yrs with 2 more years left in our lease....

ALL and I do mean ALL had really good understanding landlords, 2 british 1 chinese and a cypriot

Toon - in your opinion is leasing/renting a financially viable option while looking for a permanent property to purchase and to ensure that Cyprus climate extremes work for "incomers" and their pets?


absolutely the best advice I can give well as having an exit plan should things here not work out they way you thought it would...... you might think renting is wasted money but its a safeguard and please believe me renting goes against everything I've ever believed in my whole working life in finance roles....... but for us  it works. we havent considered buying at all in 12 years abroad but having said that it may change at the end of the current lease depending on the owner... - we have a contingency plan for that time.... Renting for a period of time is of benefit to you to check out climate changes in damp winters and the hot humid summers for your selves and your pets, but not just in relation to pets is a vital consideration as  it allows you as a potential buyer  changes to areas locations services. Dynamics of areas change each day so check prospective areas morning noon and night...  e.g day workers night workers schools start early some people work from home in their garages, gardens etc dog are sometimes left all day outside while their owners are at work so can howl and wary of outbuildings close by if in rural areas as these may house kenneled hunting dogs away from their owners, cockrells,  building works especially important as the area you choose may have planning for development... things like that. these are just examples to be wary of...  new arrivals rarely get it right first time (there is nothing wrong with that we have all done it made our mistakes and learned from them too.. Never ever beat yourself up for making a mistake, its easy to do...It can be an expensive mistake to make if for example you end up buying a house close to an unforeseen kennel or a hunting area making it a unattractive to future buyers should you wish to move. this advice is equally relevant in the case of renting.. been there done that got a few t-shirts and the odd video...   Good luck

hi all,
we (dutch EU citizens) are planning to go to cyprus. we do not have work yet.Can our kids go to school. during the time we search for work/build our self emplyed income.
we have now a small income and want to increase it with being self employed, what are the rules to stay after 3 months if I am self employed like  minimum income. It will be difficult to get an income right away from a start up.

You will need to satisfy the income requirements - currently standing at about €480 per month each adult - there is usually a further amount for each dependent as well, i am not sure what that is now but its likely to be about 50% of this figure per dependent.

Health Insurance cover will be required initially for each person. You can get a cheap Insurance policy for the first year at about €160-€185 per person) that satisfies the immigration dept  - local insurance brokers can do this,,,, abbeygate, top quotes,  status

Once you are registered as self employed get an Social Insurance Number and can prove income etc and start work paying SI contributions you and your family can be covered for healthcare once you have your yellow slip (residency doc) and can prove SI contributions (approx €100 per month) by applying for GESY (Cyprus national health servIce) via a local doctors clinic they will help you

Currently you cannot pay voluntary contributions but that will change in due course. - just not yet available to anyone.

NB your ehic cannot be used to satisfy immigration for healthcare  - but it will cover you as a tourist for emergency treatment for the first 90 days  - you have 90-120 days to get residency.... 

To get residency  you all go to immigration with your passports to make an appointment - they will give you a date and time in the future for the actual residency interview.. they will also give you  a ticked list of documents you must provide.. some documents may need to be apostiled. good luck

not sure about schools it will depend on ages schools in the  location of your choice and whether they have space at the time of your entry....  but you will need passports birth certs and probably a health certificate.

thanks for the extended reply,

The minimum income, can it also be replaced with cash and property?

We have the funds to live in Cyprus, but not all of the income.

If it were me i would ensure that one can prove all savings, investments and cash held and their sources. they really only want to be sure that you have enough to support you and your family  - sufficient to ensure you will not be a burden on the Republic of Cyprus.

I would also bring evidence of your income capabilities currently and historically going back maybe 6-12months so that they have an idea what you are capable of earning (obviously they will make  local dynamics adjustments).... maybe you have your own self employed accounts information going back a few years that may help too...
Its all about providing supporting documentary evidence.

Good luck

NB once you are legally resident and paying SI in Cyprus you will be entitled to claim a Cyprus issued ehic card.

Currently if your income here is less than the tax free allowance of €19500 per annum each then there is no current requirement to complete an annual online tax return via taxisnet... but note that this will be required at some stage   - they just havent implemented it yet

NB in response to questions being asked about rental lease periods being of a minimum length of 12months.. I had never heard of that so I asked Immigration Dept about it and this is their reply received today.... 17/07/2020

There is no legal time constraint on the lease contract. Keep in mind that when they relocate they will have to declare to our offices the new address so that their application will be sent to the new address.

Andreas Damianou
Administrative Officer
Civil Registry and
Migration Department

As you are still a EU citizen until end of year as we are still in the transition period until then  ..... you can apply for your MEU 1 now -so my advice is to get here and apply for your appointment asap.. Doing this secures more rights to stay under the WA than if you leave it until after the deadline..and then after 5 years you can apply for permanent. If you leave it until after the deadline then you will not be covered by the legislation under the WA and will be subject to stricter requirements incl sizeable bank deposit etc  for residency permits if they stick to the same requirements as they apply to all  other Third Country Nationals (as that is  what brits will be ) and these will be renewable every year until such time as you have been here 5 years when you can then apply for permanent legal residency.  SO GET ON THAT PLANE ASAP LODGE YOUR APPOINTMENT ASAP AS THEY ARE BOOKING THEM FOR NOVEMBER NOW .... SO THE SOONER THE BETTER - all you need is your valid passport to make the appointment they will then give you a ticked list of documents you will need to provide and a date and time for the appointment. Good Luck

NB you can do this yourself no need to pay expensive lawyers or agents- we ve done it twice once for MEU1 and again for MEU3.... otherwise its at least €150-€180 per person

If you apply now but your appointment is say in January then how would the applicants stand?


It's ok as long as the appointment is made before the deadline. This makes sense as there are thousands of people who have lived here for years (either unregistered and thus illegal or they have never bothered to replace their old pink residency permit) and are panicking to get their residency status  regularised Leading to a backlog. They will still offer appointments after the deadline as long as you make the appointment before dec 31st 2020 and residency will be offered under WA terms.
If you Go to make the appointment after that Date  then you will be treated as a TCN and be subject to TCN requirements wthout any protection of the WA.

With less than 5 months of the transition period left time is short for UK nationals who wish to live here to ensure they are registered as legally resident in Cyprus.

It was reassuring news for expatriates as the UK & EU27 agreed that the ‘Withdrawal Agreement' will maintain existing residency rights. A joint statement confirmed that citizens “lawfully residing” on both sides, on the date of the UK's withdrawal, can continue "to live, work or study as they currently do under the same conditions as under Union law".

The clock is ticking to regularise your residency status.

So if you are spending time in Cyprus and would like the freedom to continue doing so post-Brexit, you should take steps imeediately to secure your residency if you have not already done so.

Similarly, if you are thinking about relocating, you need to take action now, before the rules change. Beyond Brexit, the precise requirements, time and expense required to acquire permanent residency are uncertain.

Permanent residency – MEU3

Under Cyprus rules, if you are a citizen of an EU Member State and have been living in Cyprus for five years, you should have applied for a “Permanent Residence Certificate” (MEU3).

You can apply for this after a five-year period of uninterrupted legal residence (MEU1) in the Republic of Cyprus. This is not affected by temporary absences (not exceeding six months in a year). 

‘Yellow slip' (MEU1) is a temporary residence permit/visa

If you have not yet been here for five years, you (as an EU citizen) should have the Registration Certificate MEU1, commonly referred to as the ‘yellow slip'. If you intend to live in Cyprus, you should apply for this registration certificate within four months of your date of entry into the country.

If you are within this five-year period  your yellow slip MEU1 is sufficient ‘lawful residence' and means you can continue to live in Cyprus after 31st Decemeber 2020, with the same rights and benefits as you have now. Once you have been here five years, you need to apply for permanent residence.

Those thinking about establishing residency in Cyprus should act now. Although the transition period has given us more time, it was  always likely to create a surge of interest and an administrative backlog for residency applications as the cut-off date draws nearer.
Consider relocating and starting the residency process – under current rules – as soon as possible.

Benefits of being tax resident in Cyprus

Besides the lifestyle, climate and friendly people, there are tax benefits to being resident in Cyprus.

You are regarded as tax resident if you spend more than 183 days physically present during a calendar year. You may also be considered tax resident in Cyprus under the '60-day rule'.  This applies to individuals who do not reside in any other single state for a period exceeding 183 days in total, and are not tax resident in any other state, and reside in Cyprus for at least 60 days, and have other defined Cyprus ties.

The key tax benefits of living in Cyprus include:

Cyprus tax residents are liable to income tax on their worldwide income, but the first €19,500 is tax free.
Interest and dividends are liable to “defence contribution” of 3% or 30% instead of income tax, but non-Cyprus domiciles are exempt. This means foreigners generally do not have to pay this tax until they have lived here for 17 years. Rental income is liable to both income and defence tax.
You can choose whether your foreign pension income is taxed at the income tax rates or a flat 5% rate (with the first €3,420 tax-free).
All UK source pension income is only taxable in Cyprus and not subject to UK tax. With most other countries, government service pensions remain taxable in the UK.
There is no capital gains tax on the sale of shares. When it comes to property, only real estate in Cyprus is taxable.
There is no inheritance tax in Cyprus.

Thanks Toon - very useful

I read somewhere that those with pension income - whether state or private can opt to pay into gesy - just like work income - have you heard of this?


Toon,  we have had our Yellow slips since July 2017 and we live here permanently.   We moved on 20 May from one end of the village to the other end.  Same postcode, just a different address.
I read that the Immigration office doesn't bother with a change of address - that they do not issue any more Yellow Slips, and as it was during Lockdown, I have never bothered to advise of this.   I think that my husband shredded the original contract From February 2017 that we had for the previous address when we moved, as he shredded many documents that we “no longer needed”, and I believe that this was included in that batch.  Do we really need to advise them of a change of address?  As Paphos is a 45 minutes drive away from where we live, and one is likely to have to wait at that office, it is something that we haven't done, and we have no telephone number for them - if that would suffice.

Also (!),  at the end of last year I applied for a new UK passport (and received it, no problem.  But it has a different number (naturally!) from the “older” one that I used to obtain my Yellow Slip! 
Does this matter?    Do I have to take with me my old passport with me (as well as my new one) for everything official that I do now where I have to show my Yellow Slip? 

Sorry to include two questions, but they do “bug” me despite my husband assuring me that they aren't important!    Thanks if you can shed any light on them!

You should notify them but all they do is cross out the old address and  handwrite your new address on the existng yellow slip (MEU1) and off you go. This is what happened recently in Paphos, Not me but someone else. The Immigration Dept do not issue a replacement with the new address as far as I am aware, and we were told that by the Immigration Dept when we first arrived, " Look after it keep it safe and secure as you will not get another one"   We had the same issue for the first 5 years until we got our MEU3 last year and it has our current address on it.  Personally I dont think it matters a lot  - it should matter but it is Cyprus.

We have both had new passports issued in the last few years and no it doesnt matter. Although you will be asked every couple of years to provide any new passport details to banks etc (both here and abroad). I dont think the I.D care or want the extra work.

The only outfit Ive known needed to know a pasport change was Cyta when I queried matters with them for security reasons.

So in my opinion you have no need to worry. But if it suits and settles any worries you may have, you may feel more comfortable to keep a photocopy of the old passport inside the new one for official purposes. We like to keep a copy of the important documents on our phones like car log book, MOT Insurance docs, MEU, passports, etc etc   

Hope you are both fit and well take care stay well stay safe and stay healthy

No sorry Jim (shotokan) - those on state pension (private pensions dont count) and legal residents are eligible to join GESY with their S1 those who arent cant.. they must pay into the system by way of Social Insurance Contributions via working whether it be employed or self employed. Currently you cannot pay voluntary contributions to join GESY although that may change in the future. Otherwise its private healthcare.

The exception is that if one person in a married couple gets state pension and applies for their S1 their non pension age spouse is entitled to an S1 too and thus an EHIC and further both will be allowed to join GESY.

Remember too once accepted into GESY you should get a GESY tax exemption certificate.. I say this as many havent got theirs and it is relevant to completing your online tax return.

Thanks for that info, Toon. 
I do keep a copy of almost everything on my phone and Ipad, but hadn't thought to photograph the first rental agreement - and only thought of it (after we'd moved) when I was reading something you'd written about having to prove (by rental agreements) that one had lived here non-stop (virtually) for five years to get the MEU 3, as my name is not on the electricity or Cyta bills - only my husband's.
Both of our names have been on the house rental agreements though.  We know the Mukhtar (spelling?)  though, so if it comes to the crunch when the time comes, I'll have to ask him to confirm it.
I also have a photocopy of my old passport, as well as the actual document with its corner cut off, so that's a good idea to keep it slipped inside my new one. 
Yes thanks, we are both keeping fit and well!   Trust that you two are also. 😋

you are allowed breaks of periods not in excess of 6months to maintain  continuity of legal residency

yes we are both fine and dandy thank you

NB we didnt need the rental agreement for our meu3 - they werent interested...or even the 5 years worth of tax returns, they wouldnt accept the cyta declaration of 5 yrs service  - they were more than happy at accepting the 5years worth of monthly bank statements... couldnt use my bills for elec and water as theyre not in our names but we pay them

Oh!   That should be easy then as we've had a bank here since February 2017 and in any case, we have to wait for those five years to be completed!  Ta.

Toon wrote:

No sorry Jim (shotokan) - those on state pension (private pensions dont count) and legal residents are eligible to join GESY with their S1 those who arent cant.. they must pay into the system by way of Social Insurance Contributions via working whether it be employed or self employed. Currently you cannot pay voluntary contributions to join GESY although that may change in the future. Otherwise its private healthcare.

The exception is that if one person in a married couple gets state pension and applies for their S1 their non pension age spouse is entitled to an S1 too and thus an EHIC and further both will be allowed to join GESY.

Remember too once accepted into GESY you should get a GESY tax exemption certificate.. I say this as many havent got theirs and it is relevant to completing your online tax return.

Thanks Toon - looks like I will need to look deeper - though personally I don't see why a private pension income should be any different from - say - self employed?


That's the point it is income that doesn't come with an S1. Which is the important bit to join GESY.  It is counted towards your taxable income and thus will be taxed  at the prevailing rate whether your in GESY or not

Toon wrote:

That's the point it is income that doesn't come with an S1. Which is the important bit to join GESY.  It is counted towards your taxable income and thus will be taxed  at the prevailing rate whether your in GESY or not

I understand what you are saying Toon - but what I mean is that some - for example - moves out and applies for temporary residence status and is "self empliyed" with an "income" of say €16,000 is elegible to join gedy - right?

So what's the difference if that income is from a non state pension?

See what I mean - no S1in either case?


Yes but they are employed and pay SI contributions. You won't be employed and thus not paying SI and can't pay voluntary contributions..... but and here is the rub you will be liable to pay the GESY tax despite not being eligible to join