Problem to withdraw money abroad by ATM machine with China bank card

Good afternoon to everibody. This is Claudio from Italy.
As you know from April 2018 China policy change a lot. Before any bank card could withdraw about 15000 USD per year. After start new regoulation the totally value is now 15000 USD totally (doesn't metter how many bank card you have).
Begine 2018 (before start the new regoulation) I withdraw from Italy more than the new limit and all my bank card was blocked
In 2019 I try to withdraw from Italy again but I discover the card are still blocked.
During a business trip in China I talk with a a bank officer and he told me that China Government punish the people when withdraw abroad  more the maximimum value by blocking  the bank cards for 2 years.....means I could start again to withdraw only in 2020!!!
Doeas someone has the same experience?
Couls someone confirm from 2020 I could start again to get money by ATM machine?

Tks a lot

Does this mean you can not withdraw your money in China too using the same card? Or is this only when you're out of China that the card is blocked?

I've never had any problem.

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