90 day visa extention

After visiting Cuenca this past summer I have come to the conclusion I MUST return.  Rather than put up with the brutal New England winter I plan on returning to Cuenca this next December.  I know that the customary entry visa is good for 90 days.  Should I decide to go for the 90 day extention which would be easier to do?  Apply here in the states or do it while in Cuenca?  Thanks for any and all experienced advice.

When you return will it be over 1 year since you originally entered? If so you can get a new 90 day. If not you will be entering with the remainder of your last 90 day visa. On the day your original expires you can apply for a 90 day extension. The 90 day extension is only good for 90 days from when it was issued.

Thanks for your reply.  I was in Cuenca for 2 weeks so does that mean I still have 2.5 months left on that visa?  I was there from 12-26 June and plan on returning mid January.  If so, when the remaining visa runs out I can get another 90 days?  How much $$$ and can I do it in Cuenca?  Thanks and sorry for so many questions.  Trying to plan ahead.

As of March 2019, The 90 day extension (prórroga) must be applied for in country. Which is when I did mine. I tried to apply for mine early, but the agent told me that isn't the way it works. You apply for it near the expiration date (which is ridiculous to me, but those are / were the rules).
I did mine in Guayaquil, but that's where I live. Don't know if you can do it in Cuenca, but probably so.
I don't remember the exact price then, but it was less than $100. subject to change.

This is direct info from Ecuador's government:
https://www.gob.ec/mremh/tramites/conce … ga-turista

Thanks.  I can do that.

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