Recommendations for Wordpress Designer/Creator

Hi there,

First Post.....I'm making a Wordpress/WooCommerce website for my store.

Can you recommend anyone or a company in Saigon that specialises in this type of work?

Many thanks,


Technically speaking .... you are better off changing the location of your search from Vietnam Forums and directing this same question to Indians.

Speaking from a Tech perspective ... and basing perceptions on what we know of the IT world. India generally teaches IT on a standard that is even higher than the US, as well as has the benefit of being a lower cost. We associate India as being "Cheap Skilled Labor".

However, in terms of actual Design .... there are MILLIONS of commercial templates available for the WP Platform that average around $35 in cost ( Google Search: Wordpress + Template ) ..... So i am not entirely sure why you are searching for a designer.

However, if you are determined to employ your own designer ( There are plenty of logical reasons to want someone on hand to make CSS edits on the fly ), than Searching India forums ( as well as google search including the word "India" in it ) would be a more productive search.

Sorry, i really should have been more specific...I had a good Wordpress site before but after 1000 small headaches i decided to pack it in...What i really need is someone (probably Indian) to work with me and fix a few aspects, like the menu on the 1st page....that really did my head in when i thought it would be simple....I was almost there but i couldn't take it anymore...hehe

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